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Kickstarter 18 - Changeling: The Dreaming 20th Anniversary Edition

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Please check out the Kickstarter for a deluxe edition of Changeling: The Dreaming's 20th Anniversary Edition rulebook!


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On 2018-02-21 at 8:46 PM, Loyalone said:

Well.  It was 2015.


I backed it though!  And pdfs should be available online at drivethrurpg

How is it? Good I hope?

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Honestly I refuse to look at my pdf until I get a physical copy in my hands.  I just want that book so very much to hold again.  That feeling all over again.


I have heard it continues to divide the Sidhe and commoners, and honestly that doesn't excite me much.  For all their options the nobility tend to get painted as one dimensional characters. 

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There are 13 main kith, including non-Scathach Autumn sidhe, 21 Thallain, some of the House Boons and Flaws have been reworked -- Balor and Leanhaun are now actually playable.  Some of the Arts were nerfed *looks at Metamorphosis and Chicanery* we now have seasonal Arts, Dragon's Ire is now an Art (though I'll use the old rules), Revelry (which allows you to refresh all your Glamour at once) is awesome. More info, single paragraphs mainly, about the rest of the world outside of Concordia, Kinain have been reworked which is pretty neat. Permanent enchantment is now possible. ^^

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