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Gun Shot Wound

CD2 error ¬¬

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I've recently got VTM Bloodlines from a friend, and the install was going pretty well, when at the very end, it reported an error about a certain "pack003.vpk", that "it wasn't able to recognize it" and "to make sure it was there" and yadda yadda... Now, I've lost touch with this friend of mine, but he never said anything about this error, but it doesn't matter much to me, now, anyway....

So, what i'm asking is that some gentle and unoccupied soul send it via e-mail to me (from what I saw, the file isn't that heavy and someone could easily do this) so I could finally play this cursed game.... pleeeeeeaaase blush.gif

Another COA would be to send me the "pack003.cab" file in the CD2 directory so I could run a .ISO image and do things from inside my PC, but I wouldn't recommend this as much as the other because the file is alot heavier and it'd a bit more of a headache for the already mentioned gentle soul =)

If someone fits in the description above, please email the file to ancient.evil@gmail.com to get alot of kudos and a free trip to Yomi-Wan AND still choose one of the 1000 Hells to pass all eternity screaming for mercy!!! How could anyone miss this opportunity?! 011beach.GIF

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