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Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition Kickstarter April 2020 Update

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Some of you may have heard of the Hunter: the Vigil Second Edition Kickstarter. Many here may have backed it.

Here's the April 2020 update on the project.

REWARD TRACKING - Completed Rewards (Sent to Backers)

  • [ADD ON] Beast: The Primordial PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Changeling: The Lost 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Chronicles of Darkness 2E Core Rulebook PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Demon: The Descent PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Geist: The Sin-Eaters 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hunter 1E PDF Bundle - Council of Bones' Transcripts (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hunter 1E PDF Bundle - Malleus Maleficarum's Scrolls (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hunter 1E PDF Bundle - Records of the Lucifuge (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hunter 1E PDF Bundle - The Ascending Ones' Archive (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hunter 1E PDF Bundle - The Cheiron Group's Database (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Hurt Locker PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Mage: The Awakening 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Promethean: The Created 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Vampire: The Requiem 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [ADD ON] Werewolf: The Forsaken 2E PDF (Update #48, Apr 6, 2020)
  • [STRETCH GOAL] T-shirt Notification (Update #49, Apr 24, 2020)


  • Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition PDF
  • Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Hardcover Book
  • Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Discounted PoD Redemption Coupon
  • [STRETCH GOAL] Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Digital Wallpaper
  • [STRETCH GOAL] Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Jumpstart PDF
  • [STRETCH GOAL] Tending the Flame PDF - Hunter Player's Companion
  • [PLEDGE TIER REWARD] Art Model Reward
  • [PLEDGE TIER REWARD] Name an NPC Reward
  • [PLEDGE TIER REWARD] Signed Book Insert
  • [ADD ON] Hunter: The Vigil Second Edition Storyteller Screen

If you think you've missed out on a delivered reward, check the Update noted to see how to investigate delivery options. Basically, the digital rewards are available in your BackerKit page if you'd added them on. And, the T-shirt is available for a limited time only, so jump on it if you want to get decked out in some Hunter fashion.


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