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V5 Camarilla Book Chechnya Chapter - Protest and Petition

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The Camarilla book for V5 has crossed a line of bad taste.


From Joseph D Carriker, on Facebook:-


(Please note this is public, so it can be shared. Interact with it accordingly, folks.) 

So, filing this under "Second Verse Same As The First": the excerpt below is from the upcoming Camarilla book for Vampire: the Masquerade 5th Edition.

In it, it describes a vampire-dominated Chechnya. Even setting aside the gross implications of that design decision - and there are plenty of them - it also turns the internment of queer people into literal death camps into what amounts to a distraction.

This text literally refers to the "controversy" (which is such a weighted word in this context, quite frankly, carrying with it connotations of mountains being made of mole-hills) over queer internment and murder as "clever media manipulation." This text literally turns the ending of queer lives into a throw-away feint that hides vampires. Which is a monstrous reframing of that real-world thing STILL GOING ON.

This is egregiously vile. It's not okay. Our lives are constantly being *ended* for straight peoples' prejudices in real life, but also in fiction and media for straight peoples' fucking entertainment, and all of this is just "second verse same as the first."

This isn't avant garde. This is 100% the typical, tired, cliched treatment that queer people constantly receive in overculture's media about us. This is yet more Tragedy Porn, and not only is it distasteful in the extreme, but it's wildly unacceptable.

I've already spoken about this with Martin Ericsson, and quite honestly I find his framing of the issue to be callous, while hiding behind performative allyship. But I will let him show up and speak to that: he has asked that I not publish his response, pending approval from his bosses, and I'm find by that, for now. But *something* needs to be said, and in the larger framework, something needs to be *done* about the attitudes in the current iteration of White Wolf that makes this kind of seething horseshit not just acceptable, but desirable.

This is not a good fucking look, White Wolf. Not in the least.

The page in question:-


The petition:-


And already, the book has received a negative review on the DTRPG page:-

"I'd recommend avoiding this title. It has an odious section depicting the real life persecution of gay people in Chechnya as a smokescreen for vampire shenanigans. To say it's in poor taste is to put it lightly."

Way to go, WW, making a title that makes James Grim Desborough's Postmortem Studios titles look progressive.

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Even before it gets to Chechnya, there's a section on how a vampire seduced a woman just so he can go and feed on her kids.

There are other elements in the book that render it into one glossy tyre fire. The Anarch book is another train wreck of a book.


There is also this tweet thread review of the book. Enjoy.


The tyre fire rages on.

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