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Random Avenger

The Scooby Doo Hoax

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A strange idea that I had for a Wraith story, possibly a character background or just some random weirdness


Let's say you have a Wraith. In life, they were a mean and greedy cuss, amassed a huge fortune and built the sprawling mansion filled with secret passages and booby traps to hide it in. So naturally when they died and became one of the Restless, their passions revolved around protecting this hoard of loot from those among the Quick and the Dead who would like to get their greedy mitts on it. They manifested themselves in defense of their filthy lucre, becoming an urban legend before the local Heirarchy stepped in, and made them cut it out or be minted into an Obolus themselves. They have warned the Wraith in no uncertain terms that any shenanigans and its off to the soul forges. The Wraith rightly fears the local authorities. 


Only now, years later, someone's heard of their fortune, and spends a lot of time in their Haunt trying to find it. Not only that, but they have begun to use tricks and deception to make people think the Wraith is up to their old tricks again. Worse yet, they have attracted the attention of Those Meddling Kids, possibly an even greater annoyance than the crooks looking to cash in. What's a poor Wraith to do? If they use their powers the Hierarchy will turn them into an ash tray. If not, the crooks will get their loot, and make it look like they are doing things so the Hierarchy might well turn them into an ash tray any way. And the Meddling Kids are traipsing all over, and messing with their Fetters. 

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