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Just posted the link on a Facebook topic initiated by Matt McFarland, featuring several staff members who worked on C20.

I'm also posting the link to this site to interested parties who keep coming to me asking about how to join.

So word is starting to spread. And I recommend that everybody who's just turned up here, whether you are newbies or returnees, or old dogs like me who never left, share the hell out of this board as freely as possible.

The games, from V20, W20, M20 and now C20, are drawing attention back to Shadownessence. This place is experiencing a resurgence, and it can only happen if people are made aware of its return.

Shadownessence has a name which definitely precedes it. It more or less succeeded Ex Libris Nocturnis as the go to site for White Wolf fans, and in its first heyday it was riotous. And we can now give this place a chance to experience a new heyday, potentially even bigger than its zenith all those years ago.

And it is up to you.

Let's all become a part of this. Bring SnE back to the top, where it belongs.

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My university's RPG society has its first meeting this weekend. While I'm there I'm going to try and do some recruiting.

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