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Dark Ages: Storytime and Brainstorming!

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Heya, I thought it might be fun to start a fresh thread to share games we've run, characters we liked, ideas we've had but not had a chance to play, or anything else DA-related. 

I can go first. I ran a great VDA game once set in Paris in the 1150s. It was an Ancillae game, so all the characters were relatively potent. The overarching plot is that multiple factions were trying to turn the Ventrue Prince Alexander into their puppet by exploiting the recent arrival of Goratrix and (eventually) the revolt of Henry the Young King. 

There were several "chapters," if you like. The first one centered on the University of Paris, the recent establishment of which caused an ongoing struggle for feeding ground between the Cappa elder who had been living there and a clique of young but powerful Brujah scholars. After Goratrix turned up, he and the Tremere wanted to gain some rights to the University as well, resulting in a three-way conflict of interest that the coterie had to help resolve. 

The second chapter dealt with an attempt by the Followers of Set to infiltrate the city. Little did they know, the Cappa elder from the first chapter was a follower of Lazarus and a convert to the Setite religion. He tried to corrupt Alexander, but was killed after part of the coterie infiltrated the Setite cell and launched a surprise attack.

The third chapter focused on the revolt of Henry the Young King, which was a proxy war between Mithras and Alexander engineered in part by French Toreador elders who had grown tired of the Ventrue amd wanted to have Framce for themselves. This one actually pit the coterie against each other, as the player characters all supported different sides in the conflict. 

That was one of my more recent games. What about you guys?

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