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Infernal Teddy

Tell about your character!

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In the spirit of "Let's create more activitiy here", please tell em about your favorite and/or current World of Darkness character!

(I don't get to play very often, I'm a chronic game master, which is why I like to hear about otehr people's fun)

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From on perpetual GM to another, I feel your pain.

But on one of my rare outings as a player I ran an 11th gen Nosferatu arms dealer in a large text-based game. He had originally been a supply officer in the East German army, and after the Wall came down he found himself out of a job and got into the illegal arms trade with all the Eastern Bloc equipment now on the market. Basically he just went around providing everyone with weapons, which made for a great intrigue character because he had tabs on everyone from the Prince to the fledglings. 

I was also once in a humorous one-off where we the coterie were all ancillae based on the bad guys from Tarantino movies, but that one was memorable mostly for the gimmick than any individual character.

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Perpetual GMs unite! I've been fortunate to play in a handful of Mage games early in its lifespan, but my group has dubbed me The Mage ST since I'm the only one who can do the game justice among us. I'm honored, but also very frustrated that I never get to play it much.

However, there are a few characters I've been able to play that later ended up as NPCs in my own games due to their chronicle of origin ending for one reason or another. The first of them was Nate, my Ecstatic DJ whose dance mixes are truly magical. He was my first exercise in hubris, and ended up with permanent Paradox for being a showoff. Malcolm Monroe is another, a Virtual Adept Herald of his chantry who uses augmented reality as his primary focus. He was brought into the VAs by Dante himself, and uses that as a badge of Eliteness among his fellows. Vex is another Ecstatic, this one a stuntman who uses adrenaline as his drug of choice. Contrary to his name, he's actually a very nice guy who's willing to literally go out on a limb for his friends.

No Technocrats yet, though I'd love to find a game where I could play a Man in Black or Void Engineer...

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