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Infernal Teddy

We're all dead... some more, some less.

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It's been a long time, hasn't it...

I used to hang around here a while back, though I was more of a lurker than a poster most of the time. Not sure I ever did the Intro thing, however. My friends call me Teddy, and I've been a fan of the World of Darkness since I bought a big purle softcover back in 1993. Mage and Wraith are still my favorite WoD games. However, the last ten years have seen me doing more stuff with the now renames CofD - mostly Mage again. Over the last year or two I've been finding myself slipping back to my old hunting grounds. 

I'm british born, but have spent most of my life in Germany. I've done a spot of translation work with the World of Darkness, too - if you look in the credits of the german version of Hunter: the Reckoing, you'll find my name. Also, I married this woman who when we met was running the up until 2015 longest running german Vampire LARP (Something like 12 years or so).

Not much to mention, really. I blog with my wife at Neue Abenteuer - it's german, but if you want to read me review my way through my Mage: the Ascension collection, feel free to pop by ;)

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