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Blood Lore

Cyanide Studio's Werewolf the Apocalypse video/computer game

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Some further information what we have so far on the game:


Of course I'm going to quote CTPhipps here from this thread on Onyx Path forums: 


* You will be Ronin
* You will be able to join different factions but that won't change the story
* Pentex is the primary antagonist
* A major theme is controlling your rage as you'll be able to kill friend and foe alike in frenzies.

Now some personal thoughts:

Hmmm....now I have some serious doubts about this game especially having a linear story and your choices don't effect the game regardless of your actions which I don't think this is a good example of making a successful RPG game since RPG games are about choices and consequences of your actions (which the Non-Bethesda Fallout games like 1/2 and New Vegas defiantly demonstrate this) which without that, it just becomes a glorified shooter (and slash em' up) with RPG elements that many games fall into this same mistake time again and again (I think eversince Mass Effect with it's dialogue wheels) and I fear this game jump into the same bandwagon.

I'm also not so sure about this whole "controlling your rage and failing to do so kills not only your enemies but also your friends/allies alike" thing although I assume this is how it's also like in the PnP game as well but having it as a central focus though...I'm not so sure about this.

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