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Blood Lore

Long time and Back again...

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Hello everyone I think you may remember me for those who were here in the original forums but then again though I have to admit that I had gotten a bad reputation here due to my past transgressions especially aggressively attacking a certain religion that I think was the reason got me banned here in the first place and I have to confess that my rep outside this forum isn't that great either which I don't feel like getting into right this moment.

Although it's great to back here and at least I have a few remaining spaces to discuss anything WoD/CotD related due to what I aforementioned here a while ago but now since the admins are kind enough to let me back here, I would hope to keep this place indefinitely and I will try my best to remain sober here but however know this, I'm now fully realized myself as a leftist who supports social justice which back then I was trying lean toward to that path but I didn't fully understand what it was that I was trying to put my finger on and after years of learning and experience since I was banned here, I think I'll be able to express myself better than I did in the past or at least I hope I can.

That means while it might be best avoid such topics (but sometimes the topics are unavoidable if they're linked to it) but if I ever come across what needs to be discussed then I try to be constructive as possible or I just leave the conversation completely if feel that anything is not worth discussing anymore.

Anyways, I hope would feel welcome here since I don't want to feel embarrassed or anything like that.

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Welcome back to the darkness, Blood Lore.

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It takes courage and maturity to admit past mistakes and if nothing else Shadownessence has always been about forgiveness, second chances and to be better together than we could ever be alone. Welcome home Blood Lore :)

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