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Non-Legacy Attainments - Now Every Mage Has Got Them!

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Attainments are now available for all Awakened mages now, not just the ones with Legacies.

These Attainments, unlike spells, do not invoke Paradox, they cannot be Countered or Dispelled unless they are mixed with a spell, and they usually cost Mana to activate or allow Mana expenditure as an option.

When you learn an Arcanum, each dot allows you access to that dot's Attainments for that Arcanum.

These include:-

• Counterspell (all Arcana - allow you to disrupt the Imago of a spell of the same Arcanum)

•• Mage Armour (all Apprentices learn how to turn their Arcana into armour as an Attainment now, rather than as Shielding spells), each of which has its own unique strengths and weaknesses, e.g. Forces Mage Armour does not protect against psychic attacks and Prime Mage Armour only protects against magical assaults; and Mind Mage Armour cannot protect against, say, an explosion or some attack not directed by a mind such as a thrown fist

•• Conditional Duration (Fate)

•• Universal Counterspell (Prime)

•• Sympathetic Range (Space)

•• Temporal Sympathy (Time)

The other Arcana all have their own unique Attainments, but these are probably the most important ones

•••• Inviolate Soul (Death)

•••• Unbound Fate  (Fate)

•••• Imbue Item (Prime)

•••• Everywhere (Space): extends the reach of a mage's spells to encompass vast distances

•••• Time In A Bottle (Time): allows an Adept to cast a spell which would normally take hours as an Instant spell



You'll have to check out the book for the Attainments I have deliberately left out: Mastery-level, in particular.


This is probably the most important part of Awakening Second - these vitally useful Attainments.

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