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Legacies In Awakening 2nd

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The new rules for Legacies start on page 197 of Awakening 2nd. I'm still trying to work out Attainments - it looks as if all mages learn Attainments now, not just Legacies - and I can say that the Legacies listed in Awakening 1st and the Legacies and other sourcebooks are going to need extensive revision, at least as regards their core mechanic.

There is a lot to cover here, but the new mechanic is pretty solid. The only Legacy covered in any detail is the Eleventh Question, which supersedes its original writeup in, IIRC, Guardians of The Veil; the listing following describes a bunch of other Legacies, some new, some not so new. Each Path has one Left Hand Legacy described: there are some new ones, and a new Tamer Legacy is listed - the Left Hand Tamer Legacy known as the Tamers of Blood.

If you are a fan of Legacies, you are going to want to see the older Legacies retooled for the new game, along with their new Fifth Level Legacy Attainments - yes, it's no longer a rumour; they do go up to 5 now.

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