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Thaumaturgy Question

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I have a question for anyone interested in helping a Storyteller out. In every discussion of the Thaumaturgy discipline, we read about how the power of the Kindred's vitae is what makes the magic work. Why is it that, mechanically speaking, the player does not spend (at least) one Blood Point when one enacts a ritual as is done when one uses a Path? I know there are rituals that require some blood in their Systems section, but it just seems off to me that they don't have to spend one here always. I'm asking because I'm considering a house rule, but my wife thinks that my Tremere player will see this as unfair. Anyone care to weigh in?

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In my opinion, the time and other components that form a ritual are the replacements for blood.  Sometimes additional blood is required.  However, given that Thaumaturgy is used with a force of will and blood, when you replace the force of will with knowledge (Intelligence + Occult roll), you should also be able to replace the blood with the time required to perform and components of the ritual.

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