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headcannon: the Setites don't have the Bubasti's kinfolk as wr

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It's quiet here, so copied some stuff over from my tumblr.

The background for the Bubasti has them dying out because the Setites have enslaved their feline Kinfolk. Which is a totally made up species to start with. Meanwhile you have the other Bastet breeding with a bunch of different related species with barely a word said about it. Most of are single species tribes (simba, Swara) but then you have the Caelican who bred with everything from the various European wildcats all the way up to lions at various points.

And you had them subdivide into various tribes at some point as well. somehow this happened with rites or just a lot of handwaving. We’re looking at you Caelican.

(and lets not even talk about some of the other Fera and the willynnilly nature of what they breed with as a species. Rokea and Ananasi, I am looking at you…)

MEANWHILE, its well established in cannon that the Mokole have some sort of Rite that lets you switch what species they breed with. Which obviously they’ve been making good use of themselves. Plus we have two examples of them using it on Garou to let the Bunyip mate with thylacines and the Red Talons with African Wild Dogs. If they’re willing to do it for the Garou who they’re still pissed off at over the War of Rage, then other breeds logically would have easier time getting Mokole to grant a request.

So there’s a lot of background saying that if things are dire, the animal breed of a group CAN be changed with some varying degree of difficulty.

No mention is made of the Bubasti having a bad relationship with the Mokole and they generally are quite happy to take up common cause with vampires. Vampires screwed us over and we’d like to be able to get back to fighting them, instead of dying out slowly seems like the sort of thing Mokole would be fine with giving them aid or even VOLUNTEERING to help, if the Bubasti can’t do it all on their own through Bastet means.

So in several thousand years nobody really sorted that out either with strictly Bastet methods (see: caelican) or doing anything with the Mokole, who are their long term neighbors and would likely welcome more aid in eliminating vampires. There’s some vague mention here and there of them breeding with caracals or servals, but it doesn’t seem to be working out.

Red Talons haven’t bred with humans for much longer and have shorter generations than humans, so they shouldn’t just be dying out due to lack of felines.

Either there’s something wrong above and beyond “we ghouled ALL your feline Kin” or that’s not the problem at all and whatever it is is so much worse that the Bubasti aren’t seeking aid for it.

So what makes sense with the Setites having them over a barrel and keeping them there for millenia?

A lot of the Followers of Set’s power derives from desecration of the dead, specifically mummies. And one of the most common types of animal mummies is the cat.

The Bubasti’s feline kin are all SUPER DEAD. And mummified. When the Setites took Bubastis they mummified every cat OR BUBASTI they could get their hands on and have been using them for millenia to draw power for their sorcery.

And the result of having their feline Kinfolk used for Wyrmy death magic means that despite all their best attempts to change Kinfolk, the majority die before they’re born, drained of life. And even the ones that are born tend to die as kittens. Homid kin are bit more resilient just because they weren’t easy to tell apart from the rest of the humans. Having that one rare, unique cat species as animal kin made it real easy to tell which ones were likely Bubasti kin…

And every time the Setites manage to actually catch and kill a Bubasti, it gets similar treatment. Every now and them someone manages to destroy some of the mummies or they finally fall apart from use, but adding a few new full blooded Bubasti mummies to the trove makes up for it…

This also explains why the Bubasti all start to stink faintly of Wyrm. They can’t ask for help from anyone since with their numbers now so low, the solution might be “for the good of Gaia, you all need to die so you stop fueling our enemies’ spells.” (and the suspicion that this is what fuels the curse on the Striders of course plays a part. and the Garou are known to be genocidally inclined with very little provocation…)

So all the talk about “rescuing” their kinfolk is just merely them releasing dead Kinfolk from spiritual slavery and letting them finally die properly. The horrible ghouls explanation explains why there’s nothing left but dust when the Bubasti “rescue” a Kinfolk. The tribes immortals know the truth, but everyone else gets fed the lie that keeps them alive… they’ll have their vengeance eventually, no matter the cost!

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This is fascinating.  I'm in the very early phases of plotting a long-term campaign [from First Change to Apocalypse], and while I've poked at the Egyptian side of things, I'm focusing much more on Amerind ideas for my game.  So I admit, I kind of just accepted it when the book claimed that the Bubasti kin were all Setite ghouls.  I didn't know the race was made up to begin with; I always assumed they were just extinct in the real world.


The idea that the story of the ghouled kin being a lie is kind of intriguing.  It makes sense that the Bubasti wouldn't want the real truth known under those circumstances.  And since I am trying to figure out what to do with Egypt in my game [I believe in a One World of Darkness, so what Set does during Gehenna will have ripples into the Apocalypse (and vice versa -- if my Werewolf game sees the Eater-of-Souls go down, guess who's going to get a strong urge to go back into torpor :D)].  So long story short, I want to figure out how the Set angle will play out, so I know how the Strider situation might turn... and the Bubasti end up being a huge part of both angles.  Definitely something I want to look into :)

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