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True Thomas

What are the best written books in the series?

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Hi Restless,

I am about 20 years late to this series and recently finished reading most of the first edition core book. While my impression is mostly favourable, I felt writing was uneven and some segments lose their impact because of amateurish "punchlines" (as if underscoring how bleak the game is). But then again I understand things were just getting started back then.

My first question to Wraith veterans is about supplements that make for a good read. I don't have plans of running a Wraith game, I just want to have a good time reading about it.

I'm also more interested in the conceptual dimension of individual wraiths as opposed to their "lives" in the Shadowlands and Stygia.

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Love Beyond Death

The Sea of Shadows

Wraith Players Guide

Wraith SHADOW Players Guide

Dark Reflections: Spectres

The Risen

Ends Of Empire

They'll do.

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I'm rather fond of "The Great War" supplement.

There was also a novel made for the game I liked called "Sins of the father"

Not sure if there were any more novels for wraith but its something to look into if you really just want to read abut the game instead of playing it.

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I found that second edition was a more coherent book than first. There was also a book for the victims of Nazi death camps which was a powerful read. Both would be my picks. Also Atlanta was a great book as well.

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