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The sleeper has awakened

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Today, while thinking about my life, I suddenly remembered my halcyon days. Those happy days when I would eagerly wait for the next White Wolf book and speculate on the next game-line with the good folks at Shadowessence.
And I wondered if the forum is still around. And low and behold, it is! I even remembered my old password.

I've left around 2006 or 7. The forum was changing and so has my personal life. A lot has changed, but I'm still reading and talking about games. Still wish I had more opportunities to play. A little wiser, a little older. But mostly the same person.
Wondering how many of you, I can remember through the fog of eternity. How many would remember me.

I don't know how active I'll be. Frankly, I'm just happy to know this place still lives.

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I don't remember you, but welcome back! Good to see some of the old guard returning!

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