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One Foot in Flesh and One in Spirit

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I have a love-hate relationship with Harmony as-is. On the one hand, it is a complete disconnect from Morality and that has led to some really great, really charged scenes as players come to realize just how different they are. On the other hand, it is a complete disconnect from Morality and yet still works exactly like it, as a hierarchy of sins.

And that hierarchy is skewed. Degeneration is a result of ignoring or disrespecting a Werewolf's Spirituality and little more. There is no balancing act in Harmony, which is supposed to be the whole point of the Trait.

It also bothers me that it forms the Dice Pool for Rites. Its use there just highlights that Harmony is more a Trait establishing a Werewolf's Spiritual potency than a measure of how well they are balancing their conflicting aspects. That later supplements have given us systems for the Pure and Bale Hounds to perform Rites makes Harmony a decidedly Forsaken-centric Trait.

So, how will the Idigam Chronicles change Harmony?

By fixing it.

Harmony now settles at 5, providing the easiest Shapeshifting, while straying too far from that point, whether higher or lower, sees the Werewolf develop new difficulties. Too high and entering the Shadow becomes harder, even impossible, and it takes real effort (and Essence) to Shapeshift. Too low and the Werewolf gets stuck in the Shadow, denied access to the Physical World, and becomes burdened with Spiritual bans.

Harmony is no longer a Dice Pool for anything.

Everything about this sounds perfect to me. Werewolves will have Breaking Points that go each way, too much weight on either side of the scale will tip it. Physical and Spirit, Wolf and Man... focus too much on any one and you will become too much like it, to the detriment of your connection to the others. I love that. It is exactly what I think Werewolves deserve.

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