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Rokea deck now available for Rage

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Swimming, always swimming. The Garou may consider themselves Gaia's warriors, but they only have 30% of Gaia to defend. The Rokea deal with the other 70% and with no other Fera to help them in their task.

The Rokea deck for Rage is a semi-constructed deck. Follow the printing directions and then just remove the cards you won't be using in a given game and you're good to go. You get a chance to customize your deck, but 80% of the deck building is already predone for you. It's a great point for new players to jump in or for old players to come back to the game.

For extra fun, download the Chulorviah deck and have an undersea showdown between the forces of Gaia and Qyrl.

Both sets can also be used with your regular Rage cards.

New or forgot how to play, here's the rules!



Special thanks to all the playtesters and to our artists!
Roz Gibson

Whale Rorqual

Roz Gibson is a classically trained animator and independent comic artist, having produced City of Ice and the various titles involving serial killer Jack Salem. She also worked on Cliff with David Hopkins, creater of Jack. All comics are available through her website. The originals of these pieces are available. She also takes commissions.

Filip Cerovecki
Bleeds Night
Filip is a Croatian artist working in real media. He is a big fan of Werewolf: the Apocalypse.

Wes Jones
Dreamtimes Hunter
Great Barrier Reef
Hides in Seaweed
Wes is a digital artist. Prints of this and pieces from previous Rage sets are available through his website. Includes t-shirts! He is available for commissions.

Bastiaan Rours
Chakara Teeth-in-the-Enemy
Bastiaan is a Dutch artist with a history of drawing comics. He is a dedicated Rage player, playtester and currently writing the Ahadi Block fanset storyline.

Frank Jacobo
Betweener Trio
Swim Undersea’s Bloodstream
Frank Jacobo is a long time Rage fan specializing in digital artwork.

Hillary Luetkemeyer (Hibbary)
Ocean’s Peace
Hibbary is a traditional artist specializing in wildlife and fantastic animals. Prints of this image can be purchased from the artist at:

Amanda Johnson
Crushing Depths
Mer trident
The Black Shark
Whirlpool’s Maw
Amanda is a California based Rage fan. She is working on an art degree, focusing on costuming.

Christiee Anne Hochstine (Squeakychewtoy)
Pit of Demons
Christiee is a a New York based artist specializing in monsters and transformations.

William Keenan
William Keenan is an American artist that was influenced by Marvel comics and Disney animation. He usually works in a mix of traditional pen and ink with digital color.

Lance Ikegawa & Lionel Lum
Lance Ikegawa is a professional custume designer and puppetteer. He also enjoys cosplaying in his spare time. Photograph taken by Lionel Lum.

H.C. O’Neill
Form of the Sea
Shagreen Shield
Wound Undersea
Auld Flagon
Submarine Canyon
Stem the Tide
H.C. O’Neill also colored the work of Bastiaan Rours and Amanda Johnson in this set and did all the layouts.

Zita designed the new templates for cards.

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And really this is just an excuse to show off this promo image for tournament at FurFright.


FURFRIGHT 2013, in Cromwell CT

There are also TWO Rage demos earlier in the con so you can learn to play Friday 10PM – 11:30PM or Saturday 8PM – 9:30PM Fenris will teach rules and provide cards at the demo (or you may bring your own!). For the sealed deck tournament, you will be using either the Chulvoriah or Rokea deck! and you get to take it home!

You can EITHER print out your own copy of the Chulorviah deck PDFor Rokea deck PDF at home beforehand OR obtain one AT the con. (follow the printing directions on the last page of PDF, including the instruction for printing combat set)

Fenris will only have so many decks available at con. Either catch Fenris at the demo to get a deck OR get from the charity room. Fenris will have an official charity bucket to put money in at demo and tournament. It’s up to you how much you want to donate!

Charity donations are split between the con’s two charities, The United States War Dogs Association (helping military dogs and dog handlers) & The Animal Haven (helping companion animals).

Can't make it to Furfright? You can also play online! swing by the Rage forum for the download and to set up a date with an experienced player that will show you the ropes.

(and hey, its been quiet on werewolf forum here. there's lots of W:tA players hanging about on Rage forum as well, so you're perfectly welcome to come talk werewolf over there as well)

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