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How to think about clans outside the stereotype

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Some discussion on the nature of the Tremere has got me thinking. There are several clans that have a "signature" discipline, that often gets them stereotyped. The most obvious examples here are the Lasombra, Tzimisce, Tremere and Giovanni. The Tremere and Giovanni in particular seem to suffer from this.

So take a moment to think about the clans without their signature discipline.

I'll use Tremere as a case study, as they're often the ones commonly called "boring" or broken because of their discipline. Take out Thaumaturgy. What do you have left? Auspex and Dominate. Paritcularly Dominate as applied to the clan itself, if you think about their clan weakness. so coercion and potentially secrecy are part of the clan makeup. Auspex is a "mystical vision" discipline, allowing them to see things others don't. So we have a set of visionaries/seekers after truth that have a rigid party line that is very easy to enforce.

This to me says an organisation that follows the principle of "do not let the left hand know what the right hand is doing", guided by some relatively all-seeing (and all-scheming) elders. so we have the makeup of a secret society. The Tremere can be like the vampiric Illuminati. Which opens up a whole bucketful of character concepts beyond "vampire wizard". You have a need for investigators and enforcers, for starters.

Does this approach work to reinvigorate the more hackneyed clans?

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It's a nice point Xerxes. Personally, however, I don't normally experience the "problem" you bring forth, because for me it always start with the individual character, and they are all different. From the very overall perspective, however, members of the different clans probably do tend to share some form of overall trait, which have drawn their sires to them in the first place.

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