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W20 Changing-Breeds Kickstarter is UP!

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I finally managed to log in!

To anybody who can read this:

The W20 edition of Changing-Breeds is up on Kickstarter. There are only 7 days left if you want to contribute, give the authors feedback, complaints, comments, etc. about the book so far (the complete text, minus stretch goals, is available online), or suggest stretch goals.


The draft is in the Updates tab. It has all the living Breeds in more detail than PGttCB has -- plus Gifts, forms, basic info, and other stuff for the 3 extinct Breeds.

We already got the Deluxe print edition funded, and added 10,000 extra words for the Beast Courts, 10,000 extra words for the Ahadi, and a B&W intro comic to the book. We are within $300 of making that comic color; after that we just need $2000 more to get additional Camazotz info and history. We don't know what the next stretch goals will be.

Please check it out and spread the word to any Werewolf and Fera fans you know.


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aaaand FUNDED!

The stretch goals have brought us a bunch of goodies which will be bundled free with the PDF and Deluxe versions of the book for anyone who plegded to get those:

10,000 new words on the Beast Courts

10,000 new words on the Ahadi

Full color intro comic

An anthology of nine Fera short stories

Greatly expanded write-ups on the Camazotz , Grondr, and Apis

Write-ups for the extinct Khara (were-sabretooths), Okuma (East Asian Gurahl), Ratkin Bard aspect, and Mokolé turtle varna (wereturtles)

Expanded section on the Ajaba diaspora

More totems, rites, and fetishes for all Changing-Breeds, some of them totally new

Expanded Nuwisha section and Gifts so they rely less on borrowing from Garou

A Fera's-eye-view of Australia's history and current state

Plus we rewarded the creative team with a 15% bonus to their pay.

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