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Revised Rules Update Chargen Thread

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The God-Machine Chronicle Rules Update document is available, and offers a pile of brand new rules for the basic and familiar Storytelling mechanic we have known since the launch of the Blue Book back in 2004.

The largest changes can be found in the chargen section. New rules update and supersede old and familiar Storytelling mechanics which have been unchanged for nine years. The new rules are sleek and very sturdy, slick as the mechanisms of the God-Machine itself.

Here's your chance to put those new mechanisms into motion.

Here, in this thread, you get the chance to design characters using the new mechanics from the rules update document, ready to play in the World of Darkness during The Time of The God-Machine.

Preferred Format: Use the format for characters from Cogs in The Machine, Chapter Three of The God-Machine Chronicle, where possible.

Create all-new characters, or reboot favourite characters using the new mechanisms or even characters from earlier nWoD chronicles if you wish. You may create new and inexperienced characters or salty, seasoned veterans or anything in between.

Individuals only in this thread. Groups and factions for higher tier play will be covered in another thread.

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