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The God-Machine Chronicle has finally found its way into the wild, along with a free rules update on DriveThruRPG. There has also been a fiction anthology available there already for some time.

With the release of the Chronicle and the rules update, it is all change for the World of Darkness.

In 2004, the World of Darkness Rulebook introduced a concept that intrigued, tantalized and inspired readers and players, and left them with the question:

What is the God-Machine?

You hold in your hands the book that might answer that question...or might simply complicate it. The God-Machine Chronicle Anthology contains new fiction by Justin Achilli, Eddy Webb, Stew Wilson, David A Hill Jr, and many others, as well as previously published stories by Chuck Wendig, Ray Fawkes, Rick Chillot and Matthew McFarland. All of these tales feature encounters with the God-Machine, and serve to pave the way for the God-Machine Chronicle itself.

What rises may fall. What has fallen may rise again.

"Here’s the question: Do you really want to know? Because it’s not like it’s a secret. It's just like your car - it doesn’t run by magic but it might as well, for all you know when you look under the hood."

– Wesley Cote, AKA The Key

What Has Risen May Fall

What is the God-Machine? That question doesn't have a single, easy answer, but that doesn't stop people from asking. The World of Darkness is layer upon layer of mystery, but what is the mechanism that keeps it all moving? Is there a design in play? And what happens to those who think to use the Machine for their own ends?

What Has Fallen May Rise Again

A Chronicle Book for the World of Darkness©

  • A "default" chronicle, a way to introduce new players to the World of Darkness and experience one of its greatest mysteries
  • Choose the depth of madness that's right for your group, from local to cosmic!
  • A modular approach to building a chronicle, 20 different stories that fit together to form "chronicle tracks"
  • Revisions of many of the core rules from the World of Darkness Rulebook

It's a bit late to start this thread, so instead of making it a themed month - let's make it a bit longer than a month. This theme will keep going through June, ending on June 30th.

What Has Fallen Is Rising

The tick and whirr of ancient gears and escapements. Shining movement of glittering mechanisms, slick and efficient. Turning wheels, moving pistons, whirring ratchets, subliminally omnipresent, only perceived by the maddest of the mad in fevered dreams they mistake for prophecies. Thus the God-Machine has long communicated with its component parts, living, undead and otherwise.

And now there is a change. Impossible mechanisms left still and silent for aeons in dark, forgotten places, so old that they predate the concept of time itself, slowly begin to turn. A mechanism, thought to have been activated at the exact moment the first DNA began to self-replicate, is turning towards its final position.

Doorways are opening across the globe; doorways of a kind never seen before, even by those who have braved Verges, openings to the Hedge and Avernian Gateways to the Underworld. Indeed, those doorways are opening in the Hedge, the Autochthonous Depths, Twilight, the Shadow and even in the Astral Planes and Supernal Realms.

Driven by dreams of increasing madness and intensity, cult movements arise the world over proclaiming the dawn of new eras of mechanical perfection, as a Left-Handed faction of the Awakened makes its bid to rise to prominence, turning its obsession with the God-Machine into an agenda to remake all of humanity in the God-Machine's image.

Elsewhere, the Created - soulless abominations created through hubris - sense great changes in the Azoth, and begin to gather in numbers in a variety of different locations throughout the globe, all remote, all in danger of being torn asunder by the combined Wasteland blighting effect of so many Prometheans in one place.

As agents of the God-Machine tackle Supernal ochemata, the Idigam find themselves being stirred into wakefulness by powers they had never encountered before, powers which make theirs seem paltry by comparison, and even the repose of the Gentry in Arcadia has been disturbed by the intrusive ticking and whirring of the awakening God-Machine, both mortals and supernatural beings become aware of one thing.

Something is returning. What has fallen is now rising.

The Time of The God-Machine is here.

And so it begins with the Rules Update Chargen Thread.

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