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70% of Gaia is covered with water. The Chulorviah have spread like a plague through those waters, part disease, part spiritual taint, that warps the flesh of those exposed to it. No one knows how it truly spreads or how to defend against it.

Now the Chulorviah turn their gaze upon the land and the species that controls it. They already control the majority of the world, now it is time for the species that THOUGHT it ruled the world to meet its true masters and bend to their will…

Call of the Sea brings the battle for the ocean to the Rage CCG. It includes 3 semi-constructed decks and a combat set. The combat deck and Chulorviah deck are available for free download now. The Rokea and Sea Dogs decks will be released later this year.

This is a perfect jumping off point if you’re new to Rage. Download and print the deck and with a few minor tweaks to construction, you’re ready to go. or use with with your other Rage cards!

All cards are extensively playtested. The sets are free to download and print. Cards are fully illustrated and appear here with written agreement with each artist.

Like the art? Please visit the pages of contributing artists and let them know where you saw them and that you love their work. (many also offer prints or take commissions!)

Special thanks to all these artists:

If you've never played Rage before, this is an easy set to jump in at as its specifically designed for easy use by new players. 95% of the deck building is already done for you, just make a few quick choices on what you want to focus on, then remove the other stuff from the deck.

Take me to the free download!

Normally I throw all the Rage related stuff in the Werewolf forum, but since the Chulvoriah also make a nice alien foe for almost ALL the World of Darkness lines, I've tossed them in this forum. Even if you don't intend to play Rage itself, it should give you some fun story ideas for incorporating them into your World of Darkness game.

For those using Tumblr or that want an easy link to send to a friend with more art and that doesn't require a login to see, you can use this tumblr post.

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That's awesome! Thank you for the links and the pretty artwork! ^^

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