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Ana Mizuki

Best and Worst of the WtA templates.

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Touched upon by Cat in the CoG Liveblog, the templates of WtA go from one extreme to another. So, weeding out the grain from the chaff, I'm listing the best and worst templates for each breed.

What makes a good template (to Ana):

- The breed,auspice and tribe all are present in the concept and are utilized.

- If in a camp, the camps presence should flow in naturally.

- The character is easy to get into games, and show creativity on the writers part.

- The template leaves space for the player to add things.



Six Billion Dollar Mule. (GW Ahroun)

I know I know, first template and I broke my own rule. But this template is just a great example of what makes a Glass Walker metis ahroun, and a Cyberdog to boot. All of this, with good justifications why, that go into the Glass Walker mentality and closeness to humans. Maybe this is a hard character to try out, but the concept itself feels solid. The added metis deformity is also pretty clever.

Son of Anubis. (Silent Strider Theurge)

This template has to be my favorite out of all the metis ones. I've always loved the revised effects of the Strider Curse on their metis, and not only does this template use it well, it uses it, the purebreed look of the tribe and the deformity of the character to explain why they don't feel ashamed to be metis. But there is more to the character than just pride, they follow their heritage and serve as a priest to the pack.

The Mule in Black. (Fianna Galliard)

Another great use of the tribal culture to explain the character and their motivations. The use of human society as a source of escapism from the abuse works well. I also like that the metis chooses a non-traditional type of genre for a garou simply because they feel it fits them.


The Big Bad. (Fenrir Ahroun)

Well... if there is anything that is easy to muck up, it's a Fenrir ahroun. But this guy still manages to mess it up. The idea is solid, but the template is all ready separate from the rest and Wyrmtainted to boot. The escapism to the human world also seems baffling in this guy, as it seems he basically found an apartment and a job that brings enough money to pay for his pills. Rage 5 and a metis Fenrir might not do that that easily, especially as the text hints that the character hasn't yet even gone back to his sept.

Having a template be tainted by the Wyrm is not a good thing, as well that the 'problem' this character has can be easily solved within few sessions(days in chats) of play. And I really dislike the "they are legal, so can it be wrong?" justification. That might fit a homid, but a metis raised in a sept would not hold the same morals as a human. Legality in the eyes of humans is a veil concern, not a real one for a metis.



Mountain Man. (Bone Gnawer Ahroun)

Aside from the stereotype this guy has, the idea of a not too bright lupus going into the big city and causing havoc there is just fun. A very much a less serious take on the breed, with the camp, tribe and auspice taken into consideration. Yeah, this guy could be played as dumb muscle, but in good hands the cheer would be just -fun-.

Wise Wolf. (Wendigo Philodox)

I've done a lot of pondering how to do a lupus that has reasons to be interested in humans, without being too human. This guy is a great example of a lupus that has interest into the human world, but isn't too human. The auspice duty this guy has taken upon himself also makes for great play trying to balance things.


Provider for Gaia. (Red Talon Theurge)

...Why is this guy a template? Dying Cub and openly cannibalistic too. This character makes for a great antagonist, not a player character, unless everyone plays a Dying Cub. The fallen camps are not meant for typical PCs to be part in for a reason. There is taint to worry about, and also just plain hard to get this guy to be part of a group.

Librarian. (Wendigo Theurge)

This guy could have been pretty good, honestly. The idea of a lupus being on the run is interesting, as is the idea of shapeshifting being painful. But, this guy sounds like a ronin, more than a Wendigo. Even a Glass Walker would have fit better. Adding to it all, the whole 'pained shifting' just feels clumsily tacked on to give more 'flavour'. Great concept for a ronin, not a Wendigo.

Bird Lady. (Bone Gnawer Theurge)

I dislike character concepts like this. Integrating this lady to the game would be hard, not just due to their madness, but also from their lack of care for the culture and sept. Again as with the Bog bad, this character has little connection to a sept, and so little reason to be part of a pack. This just seems to be a rather interesting bit character, rather than a PC.

I'll do homid later.

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Cool. Looking forward to reading the rest.

Have to say I agree with you on most of these. The Mule in Black is oddly a metis Fianna that works, and they are usually not easy to come up with given the way the tribe treats their metis.

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