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Bygones: Have You Used Them?

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I love mythology, and I had fun reading through the Bygone Bestiary a little while back, where they discuss various types and species of Bygones, including some mentions of 'where are they now?'.

My question to you is this: have you ever used Bygones in any of your chronicles? This is posed in the general oWoD forum, because it's not a game-specific question; if you used them in your Mage: the Ascension game, your Dark Ages: Fae game, or any game at all from the classic World of Darkness, I'd like to hear about it!

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Oh, well. I guess that means I get to be the first to share my story. I run a play-by-post Revised Mage the Ascension game, and one of the player characters on this game is a former NPC from another person's PbP game that had a very strong connection to another PC (the ST of that game wished to play this NPC as a PC in my game, with some adjustments). In his game, this NPC was a dragon in human form, sent to the material realm because of a huge plot in his game that was never resolved.

. . . In my game, that plot had been resolved through a sacrifice of the NPC's dragon heritage, so this PC was left with only a fraction of the power she had and was now a mortal, Arete 2 mage; it made for an interesting backstory, and fun shenanigans to be had while this person tried to figure out the whole 'being mortal' aspect of her life while trying to compensate for her loss of heritage through what magic she had left.

Anyway, using the Bygone Bestiary, I created a Realm deep in the Umbra for dragons, which they called Proterus, and this was where they went when they left Earth because of magic dying. I used the different types of dragons presented there, in a hierarchy with Celestials being older, more powerful, and so on, and every single dragon had an affinity for one of the five Greek elements (fire, earth, water, air, and aether), with the elemental dragons (type) having a significantly closer connection to their element association. This association helped determine the strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and general personality traits of different dragons.

Why did this matter? Because 6 or so months down the line, I had a dragon approach this former-dragon-PC with an offer: they would put her through a series of tests, to see if her mortal soul still aligned with the dragons' or if she was far too mortal to even have a hope of returning. If she still aligned with the dragons' goals and laws, then they would restore her stripped heritage and she could return to Proterus.

So, this mortal begins these tasks. . . The first was to shed the trappings of man, such as technology, and returning to the ways of the wild, like hunting your own food. It was after this task that the PC tried to seduce the dragon-in-mortal-form. I don't know why she wanted to seduce the female dragon, but she did, and shenanigans ensued, resulting in a metaphysical bonding of souls (yay, dragon metaphysics?). So, they were life-mates, whatever that meant, and the PC was given her second task - dragons are collectors of lore of all kinds, and she must bring them a new piece of lore dragonkind as a whole did not know. She first went to the Astral Realm to seek out something, with the help of a more capable PC, but then she realized she had the answer right in front of her.

She returned to the dragon, told her to share with the dragon Elders the nature of their bond, because no one knew/knows what happens to dragons' immortal souls when they bond with mortal souls. The dragon did, in fact, share this, with reluctance, and she was angry/felt betrayed because this concerned both of them and yet her opinion was not asked, and seeing as she was prohibited from helping the mortal with her tasks. . .

Our friend the dragon was temporarily banished from Proterus while they contemplated what to do to solve the issue of this dragon having a half-mortal soul - Proterus is unhabitable by mortal souls, and this dragon having a half-mortal soul messes with their reincarnation (it was complicated. . .). I probably failed to mention that the city was poisonous to this dragon, who was an elemental of the water persuasion; she took a level of Aggravated damage from the city each day she was there, though natural bodies of water alleviated that for a short time. During her stint in Earth, she had an argument with her life-mate, who was of the 'you don't really love me' mindset, which upset the dragon.

Stranded in a foreign, poisonous place, surrounded by things and people that hurt her simply through their lack of wonder, devastated by emotions she never experienced before, the dragon fled into the city, and sought someone to end her life, so that she could be returned to the cycle in her homeworld. She was a young dragon, and no one knew the repercussions of a half-mortal soul, right? She tried the Euthanatos, who denied her because she didn't want to destroy a thing of Magick, and then she found an apprentice to the Hollow Ones, who aided her and ended her life.

Cue near-war on the material realm by the dragons. . . In order to prevent war, they sought the return of the half-immortal soul the near-catatonic Hermetic who used to be a dragon still possessed, by stripping her magic to restore the half-immortal soul to their cycle in the hopes that the other half, which was lost to them, is found and can be repaired. There was four or five days of deliberation at the chantry, during which the spirit cabal was sent into the Umbra to find an alternative, and the other chantry in the city was somehow obliterated in the span of fifteen minutes. . . . Before they finally agreed to return the soul through the mage's magic.

The Euthanatos who denied the dragon's request to kill her? She was the negotiating party with the dragons, and despite the chantry and the mage who was being stripped of her magic telling her to bring them their agreement, she continued to fight and decline this, because it was destroying magic in the material realm, which she was firmly against. In the end, the Hermetic took over negotiations, and she became a mortal with a completely new identity, one who knew nothing of dragons or magic, courtesy of the dragons' Magick. The Euthanatos is still dealing with the 'oh god, oh god, oh god, what did I just watch happen?'.

Sooooo, yeah. . . .

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