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[PbP/Chat] Dwell in Darkness

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Hello all. Here to inform folks of the reboot of an established chat/PbP site ready to cater to your nWoD needs!

Starting November 1st of this month, Dwell in Darkness has moved from the San Francisco, the City by the Bay to the Magic City of Miami, Florida. Information on the site can be found here, and we're spooling up the venues as we get characters to fill them. Available venues include Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Changeling, Geist, Mortals and Exceptional Mortals (psychics, thaumaturges, and tier 1 & 2 Hunters).

Vampire: Forty years ago four men proclaimed themselves Prince and the court descended into a bloodbath as the covenants fought for control. Twenty years later, as Hurricane Andrew dragged itself across the peninsula, the Long Knives came out and all four men were dead, along with many others as scores were settled. Now, the city has settled into something akin to balance, but there is still power to be claimed if one knows how to play the game...

Werewolf: Beyond the usual Forsaken/Pure conflicts, the region's Hisil is currently choosing sides between two major spirits that want to claim the land as their own: the Blue Lady, patron of the homeless and protector of children, and La Llorana, a malicious spirit that wants to see the world as twisted as she is.

Mage: Behold the Pyramid, ye mages of the Pentacle, and despair. The Seers of the Throne have claimed this city of vice as their own for many years, its tendrils sunk deep into the Sleeper populace. But the Pentacle continues to fight on, bringing the hope of breaking free from the cage of the Lie. Note: Staff for this venue is currently in flux, so this may change.

Changeling: The Seasons are king, and they both give and take much from the Changelings that take up their mantles. In a city of endless summer, the ruling court is determined by the emotion most dominant among the city's populace, making it so the ruling monarch could sit at the top for years only to be pushed aside in a week. While Winter currently rules, the other Courts are asked - nay, encouraged - to enhance their holdings and push them one step closer to the top.

Geist: Some say that, at one point in the past, there was one Krewe in Miami. What happened is open to debate. There was conflict and violence, betrayal and heartbreak. Lives lost, promises broken and founders slaughtered and cannibalized. Deals with the unholy Kereboi Below made and signed in blood. The Krewe was irrevocably fractured; in fact, the two halves of what was once a powerful Faction have developed (or devolved) into two very different and equally vengeful murders of awakened Krewes, building up their own power bases, and keeping to "their own kind". The newly Bound or newly arrived Sin-Eaters are quickly drawn into the conflict or left to fend for themselves as the cold war slowly warms up.

Exceptional Mortals: The Emerald Club, a coalition of potent psychics, are woven into the fabric of Miami's society, guiding events as best they can with the money and influence they have to bear. Those with the Gift (or Curse, depending on the person in question) that are not part of this cabal may find a nebulous patron at their backs, guiding them to breaking the Club's grasp and sending them tumbling. Other low magic users abound, from the Santeria practitioner channeling the Orishas to the medicine woman treating her patients with preparations passed down through the generations. And, among them all, are those who hold the candle in the darkness and continue the Vigil against those beings that would bring harm to the city's people.

Come on by and see what you can bring to a version of Miami seen through a darker lens. Jump on in, the water's fine...

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