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[PbP] Amongst the Ruins

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A World in Darkness Role Playing Game

Detroit is falling apart. The population has plummeted, buildings are in disrepair and violence has skyrocketed. The World of Darkness is in turmoil, with open war raging across the city.

Kindred are in the midst of a Holy War.

Uratha struggle against an infestation.

Magi are drawn by the lure of powerful Secrets.

The Lost face the greatest of their fears: a True Fae reaching its hand into the world.

Welcome to Detroit. Can you do what it takes to survive?


Come and make your mark on a war that threatens to overtake a city that's already taken a number of hits over the years. Fights rampaging through abandoned skyscrapers, standing beside your brothers-in-arms against insurmountable odds, and the personal stories that make those battles worthwhile.

Character submissions are already being accepted, and we intend on being fully up and running by the end of September.

Main Page: http://www.amongsttheruins.com

Forums: http://www.amongstth...orums/index.php

Wiki: http://amongsttherui..._the_Ruins_Wiki

Chat: http://www.amongstth...om/forums/chat/

NB: If this isn't where this should be posted, please let me know. >.>

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