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WoD: Mummy Companion

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Strange sinchronicity being what it is this seems to have come along at an oportune moment. Or perhaps the exact opposite. For a while now I have been compiling old ideas from various games we ran into a fan project for the original World of Darkness: Mummy setting. A few heath issues recently afforded me the time to get it all into a condition to risk showing to others and i have begun to inquire with the powers-that-be here to share hosting.

In the meantime I thought I'd share the dropbox link for anybody who wanted to take a look and pass comment or critique. this link should take you directly to the PDF - a World of Darkness: Mummy Companion

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I remember reading about this some months ago. This is basically an expansion of Mummy so that it's on par with the big three, right? Excellent work, by the way. The level of detail is just wow!

You'll probably want to purchase V20 so that you can make it compatible with that; most of the current fans have switched over to it.

As far as metaplot is concerned, it's still possible to play a 2nd edition mummy in the post-Reckoning world, as the M:tR book states that only mummies in the underworld were dismembered. Some of the survivors came back to Egypt to ritually kill themselves in order to benefit from the revised spell of life without having to be torn apart by the Maelstrom, but others decided not to and became apostates.

I saw that page 93 had a sidebar about playing under nWoD. I don't think this really does much justice, since nWoD has gained so many new titles since that was written. For example, the Immortals sourcebook includes rules for Chinese/American/Egyptian/European/etc mummies, which are known as Purified, since they can become that way without being mummified (such as by using an ultra-rare and very dangerous magic elixir). Meanwhile, the upcoming Mummy: The Curse will feature the mummies of the lost empire of Irem, who predate Egypt by many thousands of years. You might be interested in reading that.

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Also, I noticed that you forgot to include the Errata in your companion. Here is a copy:

For those Egyptophiles out there, here is the reposting of the original text for the Mummy 2nd Edition Errata.........

Disregarding the moronic omission of the Mummy 2nd character sheet, the new rules for freebie-point expenditure and Sekhem costs are atrocious.

We were trying to do something different with the freebie-point costs for mummies, much as we were with the Discipline variations between (say) Dark Ages Celerity and Masquerade Celerity. And, much as with the Dark Ages Discipline differences, this proved to be a foolish, bone-headed decision on WW's part. Mea culpa. So, without further ado, here are some alternate charts for mummy freebie-point expenditure.

Freebie Costs

Attribute 5

Ability 2

Hekau Path 7

Background 1

Virtue 2

Sekhem 2

Ba N/A

Ka 4

Humanity 1

Willpower 1

Experience Costs

Cost to Increase Sekhem: current rating.

Weather Spells: Certain Celestial magic and a couple of other spells cannot be figured per the normal method. In this case, treat the cost as (Level of the Spell+4).

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