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Hacks: Tougher Vampires

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A complaint I've noticed about Kindred is that they should be harder to kill. So, I'm going to list some hacks that should satisfy this need to balance Kindred with other splats, or whatever the justification is.

Dead Flesh (vamps don't suffer wound penalties at all, except when full of agg dealt by fire or sunlight) and No Blood to Bleed (vamp takes bashing from melee weapons such as knives, swords, and axes) can be found in Armory Reloaded.

Hard to Kill: Every successful attack made on a vampire inflicts one point of damage, no matter how many successes are actually rolled. This includes supernatural attacks. Incidental damage (falling, electrocution, sunlight, fire) inflicts its usual damage. Rationale: Vampires should be a lot more physically badass than they are. (credits to BlackHat Matt)

Milder Daylight Rules: http://wod.ottershome.net/nrules/wodvamp.php

The Loving Bonds of Blood: The Vinculum is not limited to mortals and Kindred. Anyone can be placed under its spell... So yes, you can have a werewolf for a pet. Rationale: That's just a game design thing. There was a bunch of whining and moaning about vampires enslaving mages and werewolves in the oWoD, so, as a reaction, they eliminated that ability in the nWoD.

A Question of Faith: Vampires are susceptible to blessed items as per the World of Darkness Rulebook section on ghosts (p. 214). Abjurations (p. 213) force the vampire to leave the immediate area rather. Exorcisms (p. 214) force the vampire into torpor. Rationale: Compensating for the additional buffs.

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