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Blood is thicker than water

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A couple years ago, I watched the independent film Cthulhu, which is a loose adaption of H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadow Over Innsmouth. Noticing some parallels with the game, it make me think of one question in particular...

Since lycanthropy runs in families, however many jumps between generations, there's the implication that werewolves and wolf-blooded are expected to sire or birth children for the sake of the cause. But... what if the werewolf or wolf-blood in question is homosexual? Does following their duty to Father Wolf willingly count as being raped, much less actively resisting it?


On another tangent, I've been considering what would happen if the Ulle'u from Werewolf Translation Guide were used with the Everything You Ever Wanted hack from Forsaken Chronicler's Guide Volume Three. So what I've figured is that, most of the time the child of two werewolves is as normal as any other child. The greatest fear of the parents-to-be is that the child may be Unihar, but this is thankfully rare... except, however, when they are product of... *ahem* "low Harmony sins," which always produce these monsters. Stranger still, even homosexual couples are not immune to the Black Birth, much to their horror when they discover the price of trying to game cosmic forces.

Other times the mother and father find the child is Ulle'u, and unfortunately, the frequency of Ulle'u increases down the generations with consistent werewolf/werewolf parentage. Thankfully for the Uratha, Ulle'u, for all of their deformities, do not suffer sterility with any greater frequency. Well, thankfully for them... and less so for the unfortunate teenagers who find their way into the territories of these inbred hicks. The bloodline must be kept strong, after all...

See, little pup, there's always been a very good reason the Oath of Moon says "Cleave to the Human." Sure, we may literally cleave them from time to time, but would you really enjoy the alternative? Yes? Then you can go live with your Uncle Sam and his family... just remember not to stare. They're very touchy about that.

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If I remember correctly Blood of the Wolf stated that all Uratha one day in their life want to make babies and homosexuals are no exception as it seems. As for the rape stuff, well some Pure already do it and some Forsaken probably also, especially the Predator Kings. For many kin are simply breeding stock to be passed around and much of the resulting "mating" is nothing different than rape.

Ps. Good that you posted this. I hadn't noticed that the Translation Guide is already out.

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