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Learning Alternate Discipline Powers

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Some books, like Shadows of Mexico and Immortal Sinners, present alternate versions of 1-5 dot discipline powers, which can be purchased instead of the standard power, but with the downside that the standard power cannot be learned later. As articulated in this thread, some have expressed a dislike of this system, and that all powers should be purchasable.

I see a simple fix for this: alternate powers could also be purchased as 6 dot powers. One may suggest that they be available as devotions, but this devalues the sacrifice of learning alternate discipline powers in the first place, and as mentioned in that thread, devotions shouldn't be all-purpose powers.


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I like the idea of having one power per Discipline slot. It hobbles the character in some ways, and makes her unique in other ways.

If, for instance, instead of Aura Perception you decide that your character learns An Ear for Lies (from the old Masquerade game) you can give that character an edge in the game that other Mekhet do not have (providing your ST has agreed to make that variant available).

If you have a Gangrel whose theme is ravens rather than wolves, you could have his Protean Discipline taken on a ravenlike motif, including Talons of the Wild and Raven Form at Protean ••• and ••••, respectively. Likewise, one with an aquatic theme could develop Shark Skin at Protean ••• and Shark Form at Protean ••••, Similarly, instead of Haven of Soil, your aquatic Kindred Gangrel could learn Haven of Water at Protean •• rather than Haven of Soil, optionally learning the other kinds of Haven starting with soil at a later time.

The differences could be cultural, as they are in Shadows of Mexico, or they could be geographic, or they could be down to the mindset of the individual Kindred - the aforementioned Gangrel with an affinity for ravens rather than wolves.

This tweaking can make an individual Kindred unique. It doesn't elevate her powers above those of other Kindred, but it can be used to give your individual Kindred a variation on a theme, enough to make her story her own.

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An Ear for Lies is an Auspex 2 discipline technique (devotion), not an alternate power.

Protean already allows for the purchase of alternate forms at a later time, but I like your idea better. It's more consistent with the Claws of the Deep alternate power in Immortal Sinners.

EDIT: In Requiem, Auspex 2 already applies a bonus to Empathy rolls to detect lies.

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