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Gimli son of Gloin

New source material for the World Of Darkness?

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Near the beginning of the Revised corebooks of WoD gamelines there was always a short listing of movies, books, tv-shows,... appropriate as source material for either that game or the World Of Darkness as a whole. Its been a few years now since those corebooks were published and since then new potential source material has probably come into existence.

What do you think should be added to the list of inspirations for WoD games that wasn't before cause it didn't exist until recently?

For Vampire: the Masquerade I think True Blood is a great example of this. I find it unlikely that the writer of the novels it was based upon wouldn't have been directly influenced by V:tM. There as just too many similarities. For instance the way the ingestion of vampire blood affects humans. And especially the vampire social structure which includes Sheriffs, Princes (kings and queens), Justicars (magisters) and even some kind of Inner Circle.

I would have seen more sense in a lawsuit against True Blood than against Underworld.

I also think Let Me In/Let The Right One In fits V:tM quite well.

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