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Introducing the Chamkor!

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About a year back I posted a number of home brewed shifting breeds that I had been working on. The only breed that received any interest was the Chamkor were eagle and owls (a HUGE thank you to Rumi for her interest, without which I wouldn’t be posting this now!)

I have a pretty hefty bit of writing on them now, and would like to get people’s opinions and critique on my work. Attached you will find the first chapter of the breed book, outlining the history of the Chamkor. I would very much appreciate any input all you Garou historians out there have on it! Bear in mind that this is the first draft, and needs some editing.

Second is attached the breed and camp gifts, more are to come, but I didn’t want to post them ALL at once, as there is quite a bit.

I should point out that the Chamkor as a breed are divided into two “camps”, the Aquilla and the Willawao. The Aquilla are all diurnal raptors (eagles and kestrels, as well as one vulture tribe), while the Willawao are all owls. There are eight tribes, which I will talk about more when I post their gifts (if people are interested) but here is a sneak peak of their names:


Parliament of Athena



Flight of Stymphalia

Eyes of Huracan

Wings of Nekhbet


I hope people like them!

Chamkor Chapter One first draft.doc

Chamkor Breed and Camp gifts SE.doc

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It sounds promising. Albeit the draft of Chapter One sounds too rushed to me an I didn't get how the raptors were stil alive

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