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Necropolis Constantinople and other queries.

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Hi all. I have a couple of questions regarding the Wraith game, which I have always liked but found a bit confusing. I only ever played a session or two of it and am fairly ignorant of most stuff outside the main rulebook. In fact, it has been a while since I read that either so my apologies if I come across as not just ignorant, but glaringly so. I'm hoping someone here can straighten me out on a few matters.

First off, a bit of background on my game so we have some context. I run a Dark Ages vampire game set around 1200 and there has been significant overlap with wraith npc's. I use an expanded Constantinople by Night as my background. From memory, there is 1 Giovanni in the city and 1 other Cappadocian who has been there for about 1500 years but has no necromancy or much at all to do with wraiths in general, other than setting wards to keep them out of her lab.

I have ideas of John Comnenus working to build a revitalised Byzantine Empire of the Dead, since he was stymied from doing so in life. I really haven't gone much further than that.

Ok, I recall that the wraith game has several territories to consider. The Shadowlands, the Tempest, and the Underworld (not sure of this last?) spring to mind. A necropolis is supposed to be a ghostly reflection of a settlement in the Skinlands so I'm guessing they exist in the Shadowlands. Is this correct?

Can anybody tell me if there was ever any material done, official or otherwise, on Constantinople/ Istanbul?

Is this idea of John Comnenus' ambitions plausible within the context of Wraith history?

If so, how would you guys go about it?

Would it be a part of the Hierarchy, or a rival group?

What obstacles would he face?

How many wraiths would one find there?

My understanding is that the Necropolis' were built after the Dark Ages. Is this true? Could some not exist beforehand?

If so, what is the likelihood that there would have been something earlier in the area. Would a Necropolis Byzantium be more accurate?

Am I off the mark altogether, and Constantinople would be just one of the many cities that was hauled off to build Stygia?

While Stygia is kind of analogous to Rome metaphorically it isn't so actually. Instead it exists deeper in the Underworld and has no Skinlands equivalent. Is this accurate?

If so, would there be a Necropolis Rome then?

Okey dokey, I've confused myself enough for one day. I hope someone is willing to sink their teeth into these questions.

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