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Creation before the Primordial War

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So, what is the reason that Creation's five poles are the five elements of Gaia? Was Creation always like this, or was it different before the Primordial War? I can't see any reason that the creators would use any particular Primordial's elements over another set.

Which nonhuman races are known to be the creations of the Primordials? I have seen mention of several on RPGnet and WW forums, and Exalted Wiki:

Dinosaur Kings


True Lintha

Alaun: Long-necked bird people who sang hymns to the Primordials.

Cephalids: Many-tentacled things banished to the underground. (when?)

Eyeless Nation: Imprisoned Elsewhere by the Solars.

Hruggha: Nasty fungus creatures banished to the underground. (when?)

Mazriki: Telepathic mantis people who fed on fear.

Nameless Ones: Autochthon liked them because they needed lots of technology to survive, but then they rebelled so he soulforged them all. I heard their name was Ereta'een according to MoEP: Alchemicals.

Nishaat: They created a singing mist.

Pelagials: Whatever they used to be, they got turned into mermaid-like things by somebody (probably their creator) to save them during the War when their island sank. Their Primordial creator Whose Whispers Chain is dead.

Remonnet: They made some kind of glass engines.

Scathacs: Giant humanoid colonies of carnivorous red worms.

T’shay’i: Wiped out by the Dragon Kings. (when?)

Have any others been mentioned/named so far?

Is there any more info on the extinct ones? What do Eyeless Ones look like?

Alaun, Mazriki, and Scathacs have ghosts in the Underworld, so they must have died in the Primordial War. When did the rest go extinct or get banished underground, and do any others have ghosts?

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