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Promethean set in OWod

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I want to start off by saying the first RPG book I ever read cover to cover was Promethean. I don't remember how I found out about the game, but that purple book turned me on to White Wolf and NWod and from their to a bunch of other games. It sucks that I never was able to find a group willing to play it, but it is still one of my favorite books to glance through every once in a while. I kind of held off looking at OWod because all I heard was that it was too crazy, systematically broken, racist (I'm looking at you Gypsy), or just plain stupid stupid. A while ago I started looking through OWod and found that even though there was a lot of 90's derp, I really liked the global scale of the setting,the some times gonzo, but usually entertaining story, and the generally highers stakes set for PCs. Then I got thinking why not take that and apply It to Promethean.

What If Promethean was set within the Old World of Darkness?

First off would be a higher power level. The best piece of art I have ever seen from White Wolf involves a Frankenstein ripping off the arm of a werewolf just as he is surrounded by its pack, which he will soon beat to death with said arm. This is awesome, but mechanically impossible in NWod without ridiculous amount of exp. Prometheans are basically a race of Incredible Hulks; big and lonely monsters who occasionally throw cars at other monsters. The game doesn't let you do that though. The ideas give for crossovers usually paint a Promethean coming into town as a big deal to the whole supernatural community when even a few fledgling vampires could take one out easily. Its anticlimactic when the Hulk can be taken out by a gang of magical crack heads. I want to see Prometheans bitchslapping elder werewolves, making 5th Generation vampires cry, and throw mages around like rag dolls. I want to see epic, yet tragic hero struggling with their newly forged identities as well as the raging spirit that dwelling within them. Pyros is a godly force and that entails godly power.

Questions? Comments?


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If they can fuck elder vampires up, what challanges would they face? Loneliness? What would they be striving for?

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Besides Humanity? All the other things that go bump in the night. Maybe bitchslapping elders is a bit far, but they should still be able to give them a run for their money at about half way though their Pilgrimage. There is also choosing NOT to use their powers to keep a low profile. Using Pyros would still reveal their true natures and threaten the humans around them. Exposure to humans is vital to the Pilgrimage. Flinging lightning around tends to make them freak out and get the torch and pitchforks (or assault rifles and tanks). This also extends to the supernatural. Mages are human, vampires were once human, Changelings are partially human, and all have something to offer the Promethean on his journey towards humanity.

Their power should not be entirely under their control. Continuing with the Hulk metaphor and the nature of Disquiets/Wasteland, Pyros is a raging inferno that is barely kept contained by their budding mortal shell and consciousness. Exploding like a nuke would be a possibility at the higher levels of Azoth. Powers should activate on their own or lash out in unexpected ways. Get pissed off? You just ripped off your friend's arm. Get depressed? Everyone in ten feet of you tries to kill themselves. The Dark Heresy Perils of the Warp table is not far off from what I'm imagining.

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