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Building a setting

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I got the sudden urge to play Werewolf as my last, and so far only, chronicle was awesome with this game, the rules arn't overtly complex and I got the general feeling nailed down. Now, how does one construct a Werewolf setting? I've done similar work in Vampire but never for Werewolf and so here it goes.

My general idea is that after the end of the Cold War there was a great celebration and a European town named Einhofen was declared to be a free city for free trade in a free Europe. Naturally it didn't turn out as good as people had thought with this neo-liberal experiment although it did create a massive city with a huge influence on the EU. This is the city where the game will take place, little more than a decade or two after it was created, with people drawn from across the world to it, althought its dominated by a mixed European population.

So what things would I need to add to this? I've thought about various contellations of packs that have so far created several networks and their own gatherings, 13 in number as a matter of fact, drawn together by shared philosophy. As the city is still very young I've been thinking that it's mostly young packs and werewolves that are in it so far.

The main idea for the plot hook is that the pack is a territoryless pack that comes to the city in search of territory and are left to make their own way. The main scripted enemy will some manner of spirit steadily growing ever more powerful and with hard found esoteric secrets about its nature, potentially an idigam, which is consuminig the spirit landscape of the city. Its starting small but becoming more dangerous and powerful as the pack, hopefully :P, rises in power as well.

My plan is to flesh things out this way:

General outline of the mortal city

Short summeries on the Uratha packs and how they relate to each other

Overview of the spiritual landscape and politics

Local Pure presence and packs

Noteable individual werewolves and spirits

Human ant-werewolf agents

Other supernaturals (Werewolves and other shapeshifters and spirit-creatures will be the dominant population in this city and thus mages, vampires etc. will only have a minor presence in their shadow)

Detail the arch-nemesis spirit

Ideas, comments or suggestions?

General outline of the mortal city

The city is divided into seven large regions who are further divided into lesser boroughs and are the administrative unites used by the city government. Please note that English is my second language but I hope I'll be able to make myself understood. And I also hope that I haven't writen anything biogotery, sexist or racist. If I do please point it out and I will attempt to change it.

1. Downtown: Skyscrapers and large buildings dominate this part and its the nerve centre and brain of the city. Here one can find the corporate and financial sectors, city courts, city hall, police headquarters etc. but also art galleries, the red light district, major religious edifices, party headquarters, major paper offices and much more. The brain and nerve centres of the city lies gathered here along with a seizeable middle-class and upper class population who inhabit the many appartments constructed here. The population is mostly relatively well to do Central, North and South Europeans but also a number of Wester Europeans and Jews from the mentioned economic and social class.

2. Old town: The old town has mostly been allowed to live on but exists in the shadow of the new city which is ever threatening to overtake the older settlement. Local business takes place here and its mostly lower middle class and middle class that lives here in the old buildings. Mostly Central European natives, most of the in the older age types as most of the young have moved away into the big city.

3. Gated Community: A region which is shielded from the outside by private security comanies and where a large concentraition of upper class and higher middle class lives in luxerous mansion-esque buildings. Only those with special permission are allowed to move in or come inside the gates and inside there are also many smaller business that carters specifically to the desires of its luxury clientele at the right cost. Almost exclusively populated by Germans, French and British. There are a minority of Americans, Belgians and Dutch as well, but little else.

4. Residental Area 1: A region for the lower class which can by the closest be described as a slum with large neglected buildings stands in endless numbers. Due to the lack of proper city planning when this are was built there's a slight sense of chaos or carelessness about it. Crime is rife and the police is both rare in the everyday life and extremely heavy-handed when they do show up. Criminal organization is a serious contender for the official power in this area and their laws and rules are much more present than the distant rulers in their ivory towers. This area is mostly populated by poor Eastern Europeans and non-Western (as in the White majority population) peoples, in this case, Africans and Romas. There are some others as well, several thousands of poor South Europeans for instance and people from Latin America, but that's it.

5. Residental Area 2: Much like Residental Area 1 but with a different make up of the population. Here its mostly people from the Balkans, poor Central Europeans, Asians and Arabs. There are of course some other people as well, but most of them are of the mentioned groups.

6. Harbour: The harbour is a very big place and most of the goods used in the city and raw materials that are refined here are brought in by sea.

7. Industrial district: A vast industrial graveyard covered with almost endless factories, warehouses and offices, both in use and rusting away. This is the heart of the economical power of the city. While there are some factories not positioned in this part of the town its of limited importance.

Others: Surrounding the city is numerous smaller towns and villages as well as many constructions that don't fit well in with the city itself, such as a nuclear power plant to supply power to the city, a waste management plant, the airport, university, prison and other things.

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Seems pretty complete to me chum, good job.

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