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Ya know, it really bugs me when people say that animated films are for children only. It undermines it as an art form as well as the effort that people put into them. Felidae is a good example of this. With just a glance at the cover you would think


"Oh hey an animated film about a cat... cute."

Which is really a shame because the film is so much more than that. Released in 1994 this German animated film based on the novel of the same name is anything but child friendly with a dark atmosphere, foul language [mostly from Bluebeard.. I think he has cat tourettes] Grisly scenes of violence and gore, disturbing dream sequences that would give David Lynch a boner, and one sex scene.

The film is about a house cat named Francis who after moving into a new home with his owner finds a slain cat in the backyard, he is soon filled in by a local [a very old very deformed cat by the name of Bluebeard] that this is just another victim in a recent string of feline murders in the neighborhood. So Francis starts an investigation to find a culprit behind the murders.

I would go on but like with any mystery if you explain to much of the plot you give away the ending. Xp

From start to finish the film is visual candy, with vibrant colors and a smooth animation style. Course you would kind of hope to see that from a film that is to date the most expensive animated film produced in Germany, reportedly costing 10 million marks. [ $7,412,198.39 for those curious]

The story goes at a nice pace although at one point things do get a little off topic [you'll know it when it happens, Francis got some booty 9///9]

The film also has a great soundtrack, It really compliments the mood of the film. The main theme of the film "Felidae" was written and performed by Boy George. [Hey remember when he was relevant? ...me neither]

The Film isn't without its flaws though, while the voice acting in generally good at some points they start speaking to fast to try and get the line out. [i assume its because of the translation from German to English] It sort of makes them sound like characters from Speed Racer, but that is a minimum complaint and if you're not as anal as I am about those sort of things its easy to ignore.

All in all this is a great film if you're looking for a good mystery and like I said before it is a wonderful animated film. Just don't let the cute felines fool you about what to expect.


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The entire film is uploaded on Youtube in chunks, so you can view it online, no problem. I watched it that way about a month ago and it was a relatively good quality upload.

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