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Input, opinions, suggestion for my current story.

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I'm currently storytelling a game that is in a way a sequel to another story that ended a few months ago. In the first story, we had an obrimos who had multiple personality, and only one personality was aware he had powers though he was much more powerful than the other players. The problem was that each personality(6 of them) had visual/conditional/olfactory, etc triggers that could make them emerge, so that his superior powes could not be counted on. The players slowly learned of a few of these triggers and were able to bring the wanted personality in control but much of the time it was just funny to watch the others being frustrated at trying to save him from the trouble he created. He also didn't remember anything about his life prior to developing multiple personality, and he had some information the cabal needed, namely the location of the missing pages of his journal which, as they found page by page, gave a detailed description of a ritual summoning of a specific demon that could grant the summoner immortality. It became clear as they found more pages that this crazy uy had gone through with the ritual and somehow screwed it up and ended up the way he did. There was also mention of the secret conchord, which a certain guardian of he veil wanted to retrieve after it was stolen. The demon this player had summoned was the entity the ebon noose and the other cabal had made a pact with. The whole story was just the cabal searching for these pages across the city to find the demon's ban and ways to counter its attacks in order to beat it, bring back the guy's memories in order to learn the location of the secret concord and maybe make a deal with it for immortality. They all went into the crazy guy's oneiros, where his mind was compartmentalized into the 6 personalities, creating 6 distinct realms. Each realm hid a specific memory of his past relaed to his growing thrist for immortality. They had to resolve the conflict in each memory to receive an object that served as a key to open a door at the center of his mind. Unknown to the cabal at the time, this crazy guy had made a mistake during the ritual and the demon began attacking him with a numina similar to Claim but more powerful( which if bestowed to a mortal to give him/her the ability to claim other bodies gave the person immortality in a sense, switching bodies when the one currently inhabited died) to stop the demon from claiming him, he imprisoned the demon in his mind and split his mind in six, creating a prison of confusion in which the demon could not escape. The cabal were unknowingly breaking the walls of the demon's prison. Near the end, the demon was able to enter the most corrupt of the cabalmates and offered it immortality in order in exchange for a favor. She had to wake up and kill every other cabalmate as they "fought" the demon in astral space. She did, they others all died and her character became immortal. THe other players appereciated how the cool and unexpected way the story ended and didn't mind their characters died in exchange for a great story.

I enjoyed it immensely, and although 3 out of 4 players have moved back to their countries(we're living and working in china. People come and go all the time here) i still wanted to continue the story in a sense.

In this second story I have 4players, with one player from the last story still here. He's the one who played the multiple personality guy.

It is set 10 years after the last story. The woman who killed her cabal is still alive, although she's in hiding because she's being hunted by other mages. Her lover, the Nemean, was kicked off his throne as hierarch by a clever ploy of Potestas, a plot concocted by mysterium and guardians of the veil mages. I'm using boston unveiled heavily by the way. Anyway the new characters are all students and friends. One of them was a carrier of the ractain strain, and after an orderless thrysus mage realized what he was looking at when he met that character, he kidnapped him, along with other students and got them all infected with the ractain. They escaped their captors and although almost blind, made it safely to the hospital, where the disease ran its course, they all created a verge and the whole hospital shifted to the shadow realm. The players, along with another student all awakened while traveling to the shadow realm. That's where i am now.

I plan to have two sessions with them learning about their powers a bit and making deals with spirits to escape the hospital. Some spirits of despair have made the exits disapear, and under the order of a huge spirit calling himself dr. white death, they plan to devour all the humans in the hospital for essence. The hospital is run by dr white death in a kind of tyrannical, big spirits ordering smaller spirits kind of way, although there are benevolent spirits willing to help the players for a price. They'll have to find the only way out of the hospital.

Oh and the verge created is one way- from fallen world to shadow realm.

Now, for the story, i will later try to have all the players join the mysterium, but we'll see what happens.

The red word cult will have almost finished collecting what they need to bring their alternate history into the fallen world.

They will find that to stop the red word, they'll need the help of a cabal that disapeared 10years before. They'll find Veronica, the only survivor and she, being a master of death, tells them that they need to bring the other cabalmates back to life as they have the information. She tells them of tunnels in the shadow realm that lead to the underworld. She is of course leading them to their deaths since resurrection is impossible. I have in mind of maybe having the players finding remnants of the murdered cabal's souls in the form of sharp crystals. If these crystals are used to stab a person, that cabalmate's personality impRints itself into the person's mind, joining it.

Other than that i have nothing else so far.... Any ideas?

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