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Paradoxes and long durations

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We are kinda new to mage, and last session my mage cast acceleration which is a vulgar spell with a duration of a scene.

Now the way I understand it I have to roll a paradox check before I cast this spell.

But what about when I actually decides to activate the spell?

(In the session I cast the spell before the action started, alone, then we ran into 7 sleepers and combat began, could I activate my acceleration without invoking paradoxes? We weren't entirely sure what would happen.)

Hope you guys can clear up our uncertainty

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If you cast it without Sleepers present, roll to invoke Paradox without vulgar witnesses. If you don't invoke Paradox, well and good.

However, once you have your character start accelerating, you then have the risk of their DIsbelief causing the whole thing to unravel around you, and the spell will still go BOOSH and disappear without taking effect.

Disbelief hits the Sleepers like Lunacy; the presence of Vulgar magic blots out memory, depending on how much Willpower the Sleeper has:-

Willpower 1-4, the Retcon works. The Sleeper remembers nothing; Willpower 5-7, he forgets but retains a mild denial of the event, remembering things later as if he'd just witnessed a prank, all wires and smoke and mirrors; Willpower 8-10, the Sleeper remembers everything.

Also, the force of this Disbelief can ultimately cause a reality-straining Vulgar spell to unravel:-

In the first turn in which the spell’s effect is witnessed, roll the Sleeper’s Resolve + Composure and compare the successes to the spell’s Potency. If successes exceed Potency, the spell is dispelled. If they are equal to or less than the spell’s Potency, the spell is unaffected.

Every 10 minutes thereafter for the rest of the scene, roll again and add successes to the running total. Once successes exceed the spell’s Potency, it is dispelled. A mage might try to hide the effect from a Sleeper, but if the Sleeper sees it again any time during the scene, his new Disbelief successes are added to his previous successes.

In the combat, your accelerated mage faces the cumulative Disbelief of seven Sleepers.

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