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Hey over the last two weeks I went Crazy and created 10 first circle demons fully statted and what have you. I am trying to convince everyone to add their first circle demons to the Wiki, as well as collecting fanmade first circles in one spot. So please comment on some the demons I made, whether you find them bland, interesting, or broken!

Okay does anyone have like the links or a collection of user Contributed Demons? I am particularly interested in collecting 1st Circle Demons, but I don't see harm in collecting all the types.

We are in need of types of Demons to summon and I have seen a groovy amount throughout the Forums. So how about collecting as many as we can and then posting them on a Thread and Sticking them?

Just a thought. Maybe this would be a good thread to collect and discuss them, and even create them? Let us see what we can do! So Authors who have made them before please by all means repost them on this thread or post a link to your previous thread.

Updated List of Eldagusto's First Circles

The Iz, the Hunger of Bygone Ages

Gumbla The Fungal Marchers

Iegionnaires the Fruit of Arms

Haegle the Spite Ogres

Gildempru the Gastronomic Alchemists

Odeles the Pastry Smiths

Oxel'xip the Shadetailed Menders

Zippi the Tailors of Sighs

The Jaemi the Harvesters Under the Moon

Bluugath the Devourers of Filth.



Dragalase, the Dutiful Workers

(Tell me if you want to include a link to your Demons on the first page)

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