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Cult of the Heavenly Void

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The main cult of the heavenly void:

Thematic Background: The initial worshippers were alienated and so they sought relief from their solitude. They have a fear of others, avoidance, and seek to deal with what they think they understand (and don’t). These worshippers also found historical records of a cult leader and his members that rang true to this group. Common Derangements: Depression, Suspicion, Inferiority Complex, Avoidance, Obsessive Compulsive, and Paranoia.

The Source: A cataclysmic event brought an epiphany. The loss of the cult leaders family in Hurricane Katrina. Since that storm, he heard voices in inhuman tongues from beyond.

The Thing That Should Not Be: A flaw in reality or creature from the abyss, it has no plan of its own, but it feeds off of the ideas and energies of those that think about it and act for it. Children of this flaw may be born, but they have no greater knowledge of their ‘father’ since it has no real agenda. The being has no physical form of its own. Its children get their looks from the expectations of its followers.

Influence: 7, Virulence: 5, Vulnerability: 15 successes required, people gain strength against this thing by devouring a sheet of paper drenched in flood soaked water and coal drawn in an arcane symbol on the paper. Endowments: Dread Voyage, Elder Tongue, Mark of the God, Babble of Horrid Voices, Perverted Desire, Betrayal of Memory, Baleful Tribulation of the God, Compel the God, Sacral Invocation of the Demarcated Line, Devouring Jaws of the God, Tentacles, Horrid Maw, Word of Power

This is a magic cult that utilizes graduated indoctrination (a pyramid scheme). There are four levels: I. passions of sex reveal secrets II. Void survival requires a certain vileness III. Creatures from beyond are summoned by the rituals IV. All have learned mundane magic. They use persuasion for their brainwashing.

The current cult leader looks for wealth and the fulfillment of his lusts.

Many of the members are seeking an identity and will do whatever the cult asks. The cult is considered to be a terrorist organization. Their ritualistic behaviors include wearing robes, ingesting hallucinogens, and performing vile sex acts. “The void is heaven, we must survive the pain to receive its beauty.”

Another small subsect is led by a vampire. Yet another is manipulated by a ghost to center its worship on protecting its anchors.

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