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Birmingham Unveiled

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Chronicle: Power Beyond Vision NOW WITH UPDATES!

Setting: Birmingham, Alabama

Theme: Are you in control of those beneath you or is another greater power controlling you?

Mood: Holding on

Starting Antagonist: Brutus does not trust the local branch of the mysterium after one of their members turns out to be a traitor who ran off with secrets. Prodotis of the mysterium disappears with secrets from Athanaeum and is labeled a traitor.

Long-term antagonist: a Doomsday cult that seeks the secrets necessary to resurrect their master, these secrets are the same ones that the Mysterium is after.

Introduction: One will be the one that enters a coma at the end of the introduction and the other will run off and be branded a traitor.

Conflict: The cabal needs to track down the traitor while stopping a doomsday cult from getting the components necessary to allow their master to enter this world from the abyss.

Climax: After finally tracking down the traitor, they will realize that he is no traitor at all, he seeks to solve the problems facing Birmingham. Also, he was labeled a traitor by an actual traitor, member of the Silver ladder.

Conclusion: As the real traitor has befriended the leader of the Mysterium in Birmingham, he has been given access to the secrets he has sought. His connection to the doomsday cult finally comes to light and he will attempt to meet with the cult and summon the cults master from the abyss.

Political situation

•Each councilor gets a number of votes based on the number of members in the order that he represents.

•Councilors are required to give their members the option to determine the councilors vote based on a democratic vote.

•The Hierarch oversees the consilium and gets to determine when the councilors must make a decision.

•The Hierarch also gets to appoint the councilors and choose an extra councilor from his own Order. That extra councilor is given votes equal to the lowest votes of the other councilors.

•The Hierarch is voted in each year by popular election amongst all registered members of the Alabama organization.

Situations of the Orders

•Guardians of the Veil: Only the councilor of the guardians is publicly identified as a guardian. The others are embedded in the other orders. This fact is known. If anyone learns the identity of other guardian members, they are not to share it. They must report to the councilor of the guardians as soon as possible.

•Free Council: The council enjoys a great deal of political power with so many members present in the state. They have made some arrangements with the Mysterium to not be quite so progressive with their policies.

•Silver Ladder: The unconventional political situation of Alabama severely hampers the silver ladder. With the power of the council based upon the number of members in an order instead of based upon paths, they have very few votes. Consilium’s of several nearby areas are disturbed by the deviation from tradition of this area. The silver ladder does enjoy an alliance with the Guardians because of this fact.

•Adamantine Arrow: Ever since hurricane Katrina, the Arrow has been fairly busy with affairs in Mobile and Montgomery. The gauntlet of that area still has a good deal damage and is quite thin. The Arrow deals with werewolves fairly often in this area with some success. As long as the Arrow continues to get the support that it needs from the Consilium, it is a strong supporter of the current regime.

•Mysterium: The Mysterium has several well respected arch mages in its ranks in Alabama. A popular Athaneaum brings visiting order members from around the country. This gives the order a good deal of knowledge from outside the area.

Each plot will run as a series of connected stories that stand alone.

Plot Introduction:

Soundtrack- Assault on the colony: “You have been given an assignment by the dadochus, Curioso, to travel to the Somalie capitol Magidishu to track down a source that a Mysterium hacker has discovered is communicating with some local sleeper cults. The Hierophant, Somnios created a portal, giving you the ability to travel instantly to Somalia and you have 12 hours to find this source and capture it. You have established a small base of operations with the help of a sleepwalker ally and purchased a rundown van. You now all sit in the van, across the street from a mosque where you have tracked this source (a middle aged African man). You are getting many weary looks from the beaten down populace as they walk along the dusty road beside your van.”

Mindless Faith- If not now, when: They see their target leaving the building they are monitoring, there are a couple of other figures (guards possibly?). They can’t wait or they might not get this guy, as he looks over at their van and directly at the players. He then starts to book it through the alley way next to the building.

Mindless Faith- Canaan, Soundtrack-Tribal War: The chase is on as they have to run after the culprit, (who has a natural counterspell dice pool thanks to the Abyss of 8). It will go through a busy street, a gun market, across some roof tops, through a couple of dusty homes filled with families.

Wumpscut-Is it you: They have finally cornered the supposed cult member that they are chasing. He looks at them through weary eyes, “Is it you?” he keeps repeating. Eventually, he starts to wretch and then he vomits, internal organs… He has a piece of paper in his pocket that has a name (Chinada), an address on it, and a kiss mark with lipstick.

Into the Presence-Lovers: As they approach the address, they see a couple of very attractive, but underfed black women. When they approach the building, the black women will move away quickly and speak in their native tongue. The woman in the house is old decrepit and smells sickeningly bad.

Ministry-No”W”: For an action sequence where those guards that they saw earlier will try to corner them and take them down. They have knives and they talk a lot of intimidation in hard to understand English.

Plot Harpersville: (the Harper family curse of the Abyss)

Plot Somnios Coma: (Astral travel to a fantasy world)

A powerful Mysterium member lies in a coma and he holds secrets that none others have unlocked. The only way to free him from the coma is to continuously travel into the astral realm and down into the Temenos. In this fantasy world, they will have to hunt down this man’s consciousness and convince him to return to the living world.

In each player’s own dream astral space, they will remember things that happened in their past as their Sanity drops. These events never actually happened to them, but they will believe that they did happen.

Plot Ghost Mage: (eventually the ghost can be helped to move on after his story is told)

A very old Mysterium ghost from Atlantis is deep in the underworld and wants to be freed from life as a ghost. He has great knowledge and many stories to tell. He will gladly tell his tale, but he will not share any powerful secrets. (I will listen to some music and come up with his elaborate story)

The ghost mage’s story: He lived during the glory days of Atlantis, after the liberation of many people and before the war with Athens.

Suicide Commando- Mind stripper: He survived the fall with his sleepwalker family, however, he could not prepare himself for what the Abyss would do. Slowly he saw the minds of his family torn away until they were merely his slaves.

Plot Save the Past: (will involve archaeology expeditions and going to learn cultures)

Athens, Greece: This place is a void for magic. The Exarchs permanently opened a portal to the Abyss here and it stays to this day. The defeat of Atlantis’s army and the fall are marked and remembered by this dark point in the world.

Plot Stop the Cult: (doomsday abyssal cult)

They need to get an artifact that is tied to a creature and destroy it to defeat the creature. However, they will learn that it is already destroyed and with that knowledge they can defeat the creature.

They need to acquire a bunch of different items that will give them the benefits needed to defeat a challenge.

Cult of the Heavenly Void

There is a small cult local to Birmingham. The leader of it is a part of the cult of the heavenly void, but he has spawned his own little cult. The cult is a catholic offshoot. They recruit through love bombing (super caring) and look down on deviants to the group. They use intimidation for brainwashing. The cult leader says he is appointed by god. The group is ultra conservative and racist. They ingest human flesh of white people that have recently died and said to be victims of the lesser peoples.

The main cult of the heavenly void:

Thematic Background: The initial worshippers were alienated and so they sought relief from their solitude. They have a fear of others, avoidance, and seek to deal with what they think they understand (and don’t). These worshippers also found historical records of a cult leader and his members that rang true to this group. Common Derangements: Depression, Suspicion, Inferiority Complex, Avoidance, Obsessive Compulsive, and Paranoia.

The Source: A cataclysmic event brought an epiphany. The loss of the cult leaders family in Hurricane Katrina. Since that storm, he heard voices in inhuman tongues from beyond.

The Thing That Should Not Be: A flaw in reality or creature from the abyss, it has no plan of its own, but it feeds off of the ideas and energies of those that think about it and act for it. Children of this flaw may be born, but they have no greater knowledge of their ‘father’ since it has no real agenda. The being has no physical form of its own. Its children get their looks from the expectations of its followers.

Influence: 7, Virulence: 5, Vulnerability: 15 successes required, people gain strength against this thing by devouring a sheet of paper drenched in flood soaked water and coal drawn in an arcane symbol on the paper. Endowments: Dread Voyage, Elder Tongue, Mark of the God, Babble of Horrid Voices, Perverted Desire, Betrayal of Memory, Baleful Tribulation of the God, Compel the God, Sacral Invocation of the Demarcated Line, Devouring Jaws of the God, Tentacles, Horrid Maw, Word of Power

This is a magic cult that utilizes graduated indoctrination (a pyramid scheme). There are four levels: I. passions of sex reveal secrets II. Void survival requires a certain vileness III. Creatures from beyond are summoned by the rituals IV. All have learned mundane magic. They use persuasion for their brainwashing.

The current cult leader looks for wealth and the fulfillment of his lusts.

Many of the members are seeking an identity and will do whatever the cult asks. The cult is considered to be a terrorist organization. Their ritualistic behaviors include wearing robes, ingesting hallucinogens, and performing vile sex acts. “The void is heaven, we must survive the pain to receive its beauty.”

Another small subsect is led by a vampire. Yet another is manipulated by a ghost to center its worship on protecting its anchors.

Scenes based on songs

Nick Cave-Stagger Lee: A tale about a bad ass guy that doesn’t look bad ass. Everyone overlooks him, girls think he is a dweeb and guys just want to beat him down. He will show them how bad ass he is and turn down the girls once they realize what he is.

Wumpscut-In the Peace of Night: This doomsday cult sect is solidifying memberships. In order for people to join the cult, they have to be a couple that have had a child together and they must sacrifice the youngest of their children. Most of them are sacrificing babies. One couple learns that they cannot join the cult after the sacrifice, because the child did not belong to both of them.

Personal stories:

Player 1:

The boyfriend of his wife is not just what he seems to be. Some creature from beyond has possessed him and controls the minds of his wife and his children. His wife may commit suicide if she is pushed too far.

The people that lost their jobs at the factory that Matt worked at are moving to Kent City to work in a new arm’s factory.

Player 2:

Bruce Larson’s father also moved to Birmingham to be close to his son. He is actually the ex-boyfriend of the sleepwalker, Regina, who works for the mysterium. Monica Freeman and Bruce are on and off now. She is available to date Connor now.

Player 3:

The brother lost his job in the city, and now his family is going to move to Harpersville, AL to save money. The player will get information that Harpersville has been announced as a danger zone for the awakened.

The real story of Atlantis: The conquests over the ancient world in the 10th Millennium BC were caused by the mages of Atlantis seeking to liberate people from despotic rule. The ancient Athenians saw this conquest as a need to gather slaves and power under tyrannical central rule and planned to fight against them. The mages who would become the Exarchs created a grand plan that would lead to the downfall of Atlantis and awakened society. They altered reality to stop magic from functioning in and around Athens. The army of Atlantis was defeated and the disbelief backlash caused Atlantis to be destroyed in a day and for all that power to soak into the Exarchs and ascend with the Supernal world as it shattered. Fortunately, the Oracles were another cabal which realized too late to stop the Exarchs, what was happening and the ascended via a ritual at the same time.


As to not be overwhelming, there will be some characters that will remain background. They will be mages that might be around with others, but they play no part in the story and no significant role. They will not be given names or really personalities. Some cabals of storyteller characters will be led by named characters while others in the group will remain unimportant.

Mydnyght is an obrimos of the free council who is the hierarch of the Alabama Consilium. She is a very outwardly strong and powerful person. She has sought out all the other organized supernatural forces in Birmingham and made diplomatic contact and treaties with them.

Curioso is a veteran mage, but is still new to the Mysterium. He is a councilor in the consilium and a dadochus in the mysterium. He has strived to succeed, but some say he is overwhelmed with his responsibilities.

Somnios is a hierophant in the mysterium of the mastigos. He has no consilium political positions, concerning himself more with helping the mysterium’s agendas and providing wise impartial judgement.

Prodotis is the second hierophant of the Alabama mysterium chapter. He is an acanthus and on the consilium he is a provost to Curioso. Many think that he is not a very pleasant fellow to be around.

Regina Compton is a sleepwalker that works for the mysterium, doing research and watching for new recruits at the community colleges.

Here are the cabals that are active in Alabama:

The Musicians are mostly free council. Most of the members took their shadow names from music that described them or that they liked.

Normal’s are named after their leader, Normal, who is on the Consilium council. They are trying to live a somewhat normal life and many of them have chosen shadow names that are very much like modern names.

The Vanguard has given itself the task of protecting the council and its meeting places. They also protect mages from themselves, usually to the displeasure of those they are “protecting.”

The Five Generals is a cabal formed by five members that are seen by the other cabals as “action heroes.” Most of the members belong to the Adamantine Arrow. The membership fluctuates to be more than five members sometimes.

From Beyond is led by the Hierarch of Alabama. They are made up of a lot of free council members. This cabal has much less of an identity than the others. They claim they are united in that they believe in some power from the great Beyonds, but they are very open to different ideas and opinions of what that is. This cabal is the largest and many new mages join it.

The Oligarchs are a cabal of silver ladder members that believe the power of the consilium should be split between the paths, not the orders in leadership. Some of the orders care not about making leadership decisions and so they would be best served by awakened that focus on that aspect of awakened life. Surprisingly there is at least one representative of each path in this cabal at all times.

Athanaeum Prime is the main cabal of the mysterium. The hierophants form the leadership of this cabal. Most of the members are those that have reached a rank that they do little travelling and adventuring.

The Three Witches is the group that the player characters have formed. They are nearly all Mysterium members. They have based themselves off of the different colors and what those colors mean. The three witches reference comes from MacBeth and also refers to the three primary members that are it’ leaders. Their sigil is the prism with the mysterium symbol floating above the top point.

There are some well known groups of other supernaturals around:

The Rulers are a coterie of vampires that rule over the kindred populace of the area around Birmingham. They get a lot of their power from the fact that they are sanctioned by the Consilium of Alabama. Without following their rules and getting their support, they would not be able to rule. They are led by Prince Darius, a vampire who never looks the same way twice.

The Terrible Twelve are a huge pack of werewolves that control the state parks that surround Birmingham and claim rights to the city itself as well. They have a loose alliance with the Consilium, but they are often more trouble than help, as one of the tribes of their kind, the Blood Talons, think the arrangement is foolish.

His Loyal Few is a group of demons that have certain deals with the Consilium, and the Consilium orders all Awakened to steer clear of this group by law.

Molniya is an underworld kingdom that is led by a lord named Svarog. Svarog is a curious Underlord who is said to be half man and half spectre. Molniya is the easiest underworld domain to access from Birmingham and the surrounding area.

The shadow realm around Birmingham is ruled by the spirit king, Malus. Malus is a spirit of great power and it demands essence from all of its subjects on a weekly basis. It is mainly an abstract spirit of Inequality, but shows aspects of Pain, Iron, and Wind.

Still need to be added to songs:

Deceived: Soundtrack-Choosing a queen

Epic: Soundtrack- Forth Eorlingas

All alone:

Mage Orders: Saul Williams-List of Demands, Soundtrack-Shape of things to come

Action: Combichrist-Get your body beat, Dieselboy-Barrier Break

Chill: Neo-Tek-Neotek 52 (Jazz)

Cult: Soundtrack-To Kiss or not to kiss, The Hose Face-Dread

Ghost Mage Story: Suicide Commando-Mind stripper

Arrival: Various Artist-Toccata & Fugue, Black Angels-Entrance Song

Music: Aphex Twin, Silent Hill 3-4, Constantine Soundtrack, Randy Newman - Birmingham

Thyrsus: Wumpscut – scavenger, Nine inch Nails-Survivalism

Moros: Din_Fiv-We are, Client-Here and Now(Cicada), Destroid-Bullet in your Head

Mastigos: Grendel-End of Ages(remix), The Police-Wrapped Around your Finger, Godhead-Disillusion(Neotek)

Acanthus: Faith & The Muse-Visions, U2-Beautiful Day(Perfecto Mix)

Obrimos: Project Pitchfork-City Night, Massive Attack-Light my fire, E Nomine-E Nomine

Trailing: Ministry – shove, Joy Division-Dead souls, Presets-Are you the one?

Vampire: Rasputina – Transylvanian Concubine

Car chase: Edna’s Goldfish – Four Days in November, Mephiskapheles-Center of the…, Live-Heropsychodreamer

Innocent: Aquabats – My Skateboard, Massive attack-Dissolved Girl, Type O Negative-Christian Woman, The Pogues-Dirty old town, Modest Mouse-Float On

Mystery: Ravenous – Cannibal Fantasy, Various Artists-Spooky, Ohgr-Crash_Intro, Mindless Faith-So Much For Salvation, Haujobb-Slide, Claire Voyant- Time and the Maiden

Sadness: Assemblage 23-Dissappoint,De/Vision-Love me again (failure mix), Assemblage 23-Coccoon

Chaos: Dismantled-The Swarm, Dead Kennedys-California Uber Alles

Horror: Type O Negative-Bloody Kisses, Type O Negative-Black 1, Lord of the Rings – Ash and Smoke, Soundtrack - Twilight

Exploration: Black Hawk Down- Tribal War, Destroid-Into the deepest dark, DJ Defekt-Intergalactic Berzerk

Observation: Mind.in.a.box-Waiting, Ohgr-Whitevan, Seabound-Icarus

Beginning: In Strict Confidence-Prediction(CF remix), Wumpscut-Your Last Salute(das ich remix)

Ghost Mage Story: Cruxshadows-Tears

Investigation: Mindless Faith-Looking for something that isn’t there

South chill: Johnny Cash-Folsom Prison Blues, Voltaire-See You in Hell, Citizen Cope-Let the Drummer Kick, Rasputina-Endomorph, Saul Williams – Black Stacey

Hope: Force & Styles-Break of Dawn, Cesium 137-Apart, Type O Negative-Die with Me

Lamar Vannoy: Bouncing souls-Lamar Vannoy

Changing: Assemblage 23-Skin

Anger: Ministry-Burning inside, Hocico-Forgotten tears(suicide commando mix)

Mage Orders: White Stripes-Seven Nation Army

Gathering: Bouncing souls-We’re coming back

Deceived: Angelspit-100%, Wumpscut-Just a Tenderness

Dreaming: Mind.in.a.box-Falling, Ohgr-Lusid, Haujobb-Dream Aid, Beseech – Gimme Gimme Gimme

Action: KMFDM-Love is Like, Icon of coil-Former Self

Prepare: Mindless Faith-Incubation(Waltz), Dubliners-Galway Races

Paradox: The Smiths-How Soon is Now?, Seabound-Contact,

Cult: Wumpscut-In the Peace of Night, Wumpscut-And Life Goes On,

Addiction: Seabound-Hooked(Radical)

Harpersville: Live – Rattlesnake

Abyss: In Strict Confidence – Engelsstaub

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Wow that is a very detailed look at your campaign plans. Thanks for that!

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