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Infernal possibility

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Guest Oldestschool

I claim no ownership of white wolf's concepts and this is free source information.

This model works if you want to go for a classical understanding of the afterlife, which means it does not necessarily agree with cannon models of the universe, however, I saw a few different possibilities for it and the more I looked at it the more I felt it could work.

The first supposition for this model is that dead travel to an afterlife of peace or punishment. Secondly, that these souls who go to these places dwell in various circles. Each circle grants a power according to the traditional wraith models of power, though it is a non-cannon set of generated abilities.

Thirdly and finally, for some meta-plot related reason, these souls have been drafted back to earth to fulfill missions.

Their stats and other background data remain exactly the same.

Powers from Hell are called Convictions, Powers from a more peaceful afterlife are called Inspirations.

I have lists of these powers already written but their rather large lists and its spamlike to put them all together and TLDR in any case.

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It sounds like a cool idea, and means that the shadow could be a demonic influence from the pit, your own personal demon and thus may relate more to the level of hell. (or not hell)

And means you could have a nice little war in the middle land, reminds me a little of the angels and demons in supernatural. I'd be interested in seeing this.

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Guest Oldestschool

Some vital details.

A shade is not a ghost. A ghost is still connected to the mortal realm by haunts, mementos, and etc. A Shade (if from a peaceful afterlife) or a Specter (if from a hell), does not use these things. Instead, they have a score called 'ennui'. Heavenly souls rarely have high ennui scores due to a trait they have called 'Forgettance', which allows them to erase from their memories the traumatic experiences they sometimes endure. Failing tasks, missions, and ability / skill / knowledge uses nets various amounts of Ennui, if your ennui gets to high, you are overwhelmed with acceptance of your ultimate fate and cease to exist effective immediately, or, in the heavenly shades case, ascend, living in one circle lower than the one you were sent from afterwards as an NPC. Ennui replaces the score you don't want for your wraithly PC, (which name I can't remember at the moment).

Clique - All the various circles have cliques, which become distinct by clearly visible markings of various sorts.

Symbolisms - Specific to each circle and distinct to each, the more time spent in a circle the more obvious they are, and is is possible to get mixed symbolisms. Essentially this is a deeper level of identity than the markings that appear from Clique, and do not appear when the PC is inside a body, but are immediately obvious otherwise.

Note: Hell's politics is modeled after prison politics, they are not an organized army and frequently beef with each other.

Heavenly Souls and Pagan's Symbolisms

Shine with a dim but visible inner light which gradually brightens and becomes clearly, appearance score always above 4, eyes shining visibly, Pagans head's sparkle, Heavenly souls have Triangular halos. All heavenly souls have the inspiration 'Comprehension', which allows them to speak and understand all languages. They also have the dreaded 'See the light' ability, which allows them to tell you INSTANTLY and immediately via fully immersive audio-visual flashback WHY you are either already in hell or why you will go there. All heavenly souls and pagans have celerity 2.

The lustful

Lustful souls have red hair and body hair regardless of their ethnicity, women have tattoos of flames on their crotch and bust, men on their penis shaft. As their lust grows the flame like tattoos heat up slowly. Lustful souls are masters of flight and movement, but can't use their powers easily on the opposite gender without risking an enforced FTB sexual liason.


Gluttons are horrid obese monsters, with festering skin, rancid teeth nails and tongue, salivating black blood. Their power is the induction or removal of hunger, and this power can target any individual, including vampires and others who cannot eat real food. This is powerful enough to be more than simply a distraction and can induce such strong cravings that the target may well frenzy outright.


The greedy have elongated fingers and faces, bodies colored like jewels, coins or metals, and get gradually increasing burning sensations in their fingertips and temples when they covet money, so much so that if they want it badly enough those areas will split open painfully and emit visible smoke. They are masters of profiteering and can alter perceptions of value at various levels. So much so that you may find yourself waking up in the hospital after being hit by a car, running after what YOU thought was a rolling fist sized diamond but was only in actuality a plastic cup.


Masters of taunts and psychological brutalization, the wrathful can blast their opponents with cruelties visited upon their targets by others from that targets past, can vanish into the background, can torment with words sharper than razor blades, can turn friend into angry combatant. Their symbolisms are petrified nails and teeth, tattoos of violence that burn visibly and smoke when they are angry, and gradually spreading scars and callouses. The tattoos they have are always weapons.


Masters of fire and heat, Heretics are able to control fire like an elementalist, burst their own bodies into flames for close quarters combat, and can cause spontaneous combustion in a heretical target variable to their level of heresy. They have painful stigmatic injuries, eyes which are constantly reddish and dry, visibly smoking breath, and their bodies smell like burning human flesh all the time.

Murder & Mayhem

Masters of physical brutalization, murderers and savage perpetrators of mayhem can strike from a distance with melee, hit even harder than before, induce a near-death experience, induce hemophilia in a target, and make any already existing wound boil suddenly and visibly. Their symbolisms are that they have a visibly obvious death wound which never heals and is always open and raw. They have the same burning tattoos as the violent do, but their breath and saliva reeks of blood and their breath is visible as reddish smoke.


Masters of alchemy and transmutation, Falsifiers can falsify items, weapons, their identity temporarily, slip a lie in with double difficulty of detection, and transform themselves or others. Note that their identity change must be same gender, but their transform doesn't have to be. All falsifiers have gruesome mutilation that is immediately obvious and ranges from Cut off head to sliced open freely hanging guts and everything in between. They also always have at least 2 of any of the following diseases: Smallpox, Plague, Leprosy, E.Bola, Scarlet / Yellow fever, or Hemorrhagic fever, though these diseases are never so overblown that they render the falsifier nonfunctional.


Traitors are the undisputed cell block bosses of hell. They enjoy a reputation of fear and violence in hell, and are frequently sent to the 'icy hole' (a form of solitary), for months at a time for exercising their gangster style authority. They may detect antipathy, induce antipathy, probe for moral weaknesses, send self destructive impulses to a target, and bribe their targets with pleasant memories. A traitor will have bluish skin which develops both gangrene and frostbite, the nose and ears will be eaten away if a male, the nose and lips if a female, and they have a puppeteer's hand-frame tattooed into their chest or back, which is the source of their painful icy torment.


Heavenly souls - Normal wraiths view them with some jealousy and often view them as snobby.

Pagans - Revered for their wisdom.

Hellish souls - Viewed with apprehension and distrust, widely viewed as lawless mercenary thugs.

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