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Infernal or Raksha?

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I want to make an infernal or Raksha mostly for fun maybe for eventual play.

Problem is as my st/hubby has pointed out all my characters wander to much, and never stick to their goals(I have to FORCE myself out of character not to get caught in a plot hook and forget my overall goal..) So I decided, screw it I shall make this character off my own personality.

I like wandering and hate being forced to stay in one place long. I long to travel and never stay put, I dont like sticking to goals and I'm known to set goals and plans only to later abandon them for something completely difrferent or just forget I made them.,I dont at all like change UNLESS it is controlled by me. And to say in the least I am destructive by nature, nothing gets close to me and those that do generally have a hard time staying there. Im as likely to destroy something I love as I am to actually embrace them.I am also ever changing, my personality though stable in some aspects is always shifting, I may love something one day hate it the next, same for people. I dont feel guilt(or understand the concept), dont fully understand what compassion is. I adapt my personality to the setting and whats required by reading hte people in the room and setting it based on that. But the one shockingly positive thing in all of this is my word. If you make a deal with me or a promise with me. I WILL keep it no matter what, and I expect that anyone who makes deals with me keeps their word or faces consquences. It is not uncommon for me to see to it that I get the better end of the deal, I choose my words carefully, so as to allow me freedom to work around it on my own time, whereas the one makeing the counter deal is forced into a very limited choice of options usally by their own fault.

Sooooo now that I've spilled my guts on my main personality type, what infernal caste would fit this or what type of Fae? (by the way this is the most common of the personalities I choose to "wear", its become my favorite, though I take on others as the need arises or even build them from scratch, Its a talent I have, I always wear a mask over my true self, though I dont know exactly what my true self is anymore.)

I'm reallyyyy bored prolly crazy and need something to do :(

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Your personality sounds like it could work for either splat, but Raksha is probably easier to do this kind of thing with.

Raksha are a lot like roleplayers really. They're a relatively formless ball of consciousness which they have to impose a personality on to in order to give themselves some kind of reality. They're basically acting out roles for themselves in a story, and the more self possessed they are (in mechanical terms, the higher their virtues and graces are) the more complex and human-like their personalities can be.

They also display a lot of the traits you describe. They don't understand compassion, like any emotion they can fake it when it conforms to their role, but they're always just acting it out rather than really feeling it. Mechanically, fae with a weak staff grace generally don't think of other people as being separate from themselves, and even with the highest compassion score possible a raksha is only beginning to understand the actual 'why' of human emotion.

They're also very fluid, a little like you describe, but the oaths they make and believe in are physical things, as real in the wyld as any other object, so they tend to care a great deal about their word.

Good castes would be: Courtier, Eshu, Luminary or Anarch. The Ring would almost certainly not be a feeding grace, since it determines how stable your identity is.

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