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Online Chronicle Needs Players

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I've started up a new Werewolf: the Forsaken play-by-post, and we're still looking for some new players. So far, we have a Elodoth Ghost Wolf and a Irraka Storm Lord. The game is set in Cleveland, Ohio, where the old werewolf guard (and for that matter, all of the city's supernaturals) have been killed off by a unknown force, leaving the city up for grabs. Spirits have run amok ever since, and every day they breach further and further beyond the Shadow.

We also accept Wolf-Blooded characters. If Werewolf isn't your thing, I'm open to having other STs coming along to open up a new venue in the city, such as Vampire: the Reqiuem.

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The link is huntinggrounds.b1.jcink.com, though if that doesn't work for some reason the link in my signature is clickable.

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