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Werewolf the Forsaken tribes as Lodges?

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Given how the werewolf translation guide doesn't seem to be coming along any time soon I was pondering the viability of working on my own version possibly until the official book comes out (if it ever does), so was wondering what people were thinking would be an appropriate way to do it? Certain tribes have already gotten their own wee reboots in nWoD ofcourse, but my favourite tribes from the old system aren't around so I notice, Fianna and Black Furies most notably, others like Wendigo and Uktena, which I did love, have a modern version of sorts.

But how would people say Fianna or Black Furies could be represented in the nWoD setting? Are there already lodges to represent them that I missed and if not, what tribe would you tie them into if any?

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Converting either the old tribes to Lodges sounds like a reasonable way to do it. Being very, very, very inexperienced about WtA I would probably make it something along the following. Please note that I myself am not entirely happy with all the groupings that I've myself made, but I hope they can be somewhat interesting at the least.

Black Furries - Bone Shadows

Bone Gnawers - Iron Masters

Children of Gaia - Bone Shadows

Fianna - Blood Talons

Get of Fenris - Blood Talons

Glass Walkers - Iron Masters

Red Talons - Hunters in Darkness

Shadow Lords - Storm Lords

Silent Striders - Hunters in Darkness

Silver Fangs - Storm Lords

Stargazers - Bone Shadows

Uktena - Bone Shadows

Wendigo - Blood Talons

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