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Need some ideas

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I'm making an introduction game for Werewolf: the Wild West, and need some help from people more experienced with Werewolf than I am. In a way I make the introduction for my own sake as well, to learn it better.

So far, this is what I got:

Setting: Somewhere in the Wild West, probably what is now New Mexico. Civil War ended a few years ago, or last year (not far off in people's memories). Settlers and miners looking for "riches" and "fortune", following their dreams, stumbling over some silver, and then more silver. Lots of silver. Town grows up nearby, more settlers, greedy people, war veterans and trouble.

Plot: The greedy humans use dynamite while searching and extracting silver from the hills, in the process also blowing away some warning symbols made by the Uktena centuries ago. Then of course waking up a rather powerful spirit (or the explosions destroy the ritual/symbols that bound the spirit in the first place). This spirit changes every other nearby spirit into Mind Eaters and lets them loose on the miners to make mockeries, which can in turn make the silver into weapons and bullets, then go kill all those stupid garou.

Inventory: Players are rank 1, maybe one rank 2. Mockeries have guns with silver bullets. Nasty Spirit is nasty.

Solution: Maybe too straight forward. Go in, smash down all the mockeries, find the spirit in the umbra and confront it there, where they will most likely die or run off. They can't destroy it alone, they need help or some serious good plan. The pack might understand that the spirit is too much for them to handle alone before dashing into combat, looking for other solutions or maybe find help from others. Like some nearby Uktena that hangs around with a tribe of Apache. A Bonegnawer drifter in town, and a Ragabash something that is having fun at the local Saloon, gambling and drinking. Maybe something else.

Making it a bit more complicated: If the pack just attacks the mockeries on sight, the people in town might join the miner's side (as they still look pretty much like miners and are dirty). So they might have to win over the local populace first or plan it some other way. Another problem is the silver mines the miners can take refuge in, which is a bit uncomfortable for the garou...

What do you think? Can it work as an introduction to the game and rules? What would you add/remove/change?

Thanks in advance :)

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Let me start by saying I haven't tried Werewolf Wild West, however I have run and played a lot of Werewolf and have recently been playing some Deadlands (different and interesting approach in this Weird West game).

Sounds like a good premise and I think it should all work pretty well.

Firstly I would caution against the use of a lot of Silver, particularly against Cubs/low ranked Garou. They have no way to defend against Silver damage and if they are not killed outright they could be badly wounded for some time.

Don't get me wrong i'm not suggesting you make it easy for them or play soft, however you might consider a couple of Named NPCs with Silver ammo rather than loads of people with it.

Secondly, I think that having a big bad that the Players can't really defeat during the Introduction to the game could be very problematic. Depending on your Players experience with RPGs and with Werewolf will determine if they are likely to realise it's a fight they can't win. If they dont realise this it could lead to major problems

Lastly, if this is the first time your players are getting to grips with Werewolf I would go for keeping the combat simple and fairly basic for the introduction and have the Crazed Silver Ammo Shooting NPCs for when they have clocked up a little experience. If they are experienced Roleplayers or with WoD then just throw them striaght in :D


I would think about just Hinting at the big bad guy and giving them clues.

It might be easier to have them fight the Mockeries (gun toting Miners etc) if there isn't too much Silver. Then have them find out that a Spirit is behind the trouble but make this Spirit a minion of your Big Bad. That way you can build up the Story, allow the characters some practice against a foe that they can defeat at lower ranks and provide them with a Nemesis that for the time being is behind the scenes and throwing problems/enemies at them.

This also gives them the chance to improve their characters with XP, Renown and a little practice and should allow them to rise in Rank(s) before finding / confronting the big bad that has been plagueing them for so long.

I like to think of the RPGs like TV Series, so at the beginning of Season 1 you're getting to know the characters and what they are about and capable of. As the series progresses you realise that the seemingly unrelated problems that keep cropping up actually have a common enemy working behind the scenes. Then towards the end of the season it looks like you're taking out the Bad Guy only to find out right at the very end that he/she is just a Minion to some big bad organisation/individual.

It's a good idea to throw a couple of Twists in there, even if they seem a bit obvious or over used in books and films/TV.

Hope the above is of some use and if you want to discuss more i'll be checking back a couple times a week at least :)

Just noticed the Original post date.

Sorry if the responce is too late, I only joined the site today.

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