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Oblivion = The Wyrm?

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Not much of a topic, but it seems to me that if Oblivion were to really live up to its' name, it wouldn't really want anything. Oblivion is nothing, and nothing doesn't want, hate, or corrupt... it just is- or rather, isn't.

So it seems to me that there must be something pulling all of these strings, actively trying to lead all of these things toward nothingness. It seems odd to me that every wraith has a "shadow" that seeks the psyche's destruction. While there are certainly suicides, I don't think everyone secretly has this secret desire to be nothing. In my opinion, we all have an inherent desire to survive, which can sometimes be corrupted. (suicide in a way is a born out of our desire to survive; we want to escape situations that hurt us, and some people see suicide as the only way of escape.)

So what is the shadow then? It seems almost like someone has taken the "best" of a person's worst personality traits, fears, etc, and given it an intelligence and a goal: to make the wraith nothing. So who or what is doing all of this?

So my bet is on the wyrm. What do you guys think?

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Oblivion is the concept of nWoD :P

Jokes aside; oWoD is all about inherent dichotomies, the mutants and the nostalgic. Yin/Yang, Humanity/Beast, Arete/Paradox + opposing ideologies concerning humans, reality and so on. Wraiths got an issue with a Shadow, much as the returned Kuei'jin brings a P'o from Hell.

I like the idea of lesser demons seeping and trickling out from Hell and into other Umbra-realms, and exercising what they think is good fun.

The idea that Wyrm and Oblivion is the same thing was something I thought of for a long time ago, I can't make them fit together other than as aspects of a similar concept. I understand the Wyrm as more active in its goals, while the Oblivion just prods here and there.

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